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F7sus4 Ofc because you humilated us both but we are happy doing it back.

Yes Im totally done here.



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@frantic: "(and yet you did it anyway.. uh?!)" Yes for showing that you missunderstanded me before about that stupid fraud quote I wrote.

You know also Frantic? My girlfriend was working 4 hours with a C64 animation last thursday same as with the boat animation.
It is a fish swiming in the water and I put a scrolltext under that said: Thank you Frantic for making defMON2 now Im donating myself to you..." It is all ready done with a 1 minute tune in defMON that has weird tunings as I like doing in defMON.
We were supposed to put it up on the evening tomorrow Saturday swedish time. The name of the release was going to be "Mister Lax" and right after the release I was going to donate 1K Sek.This is all cancelled plans now ofc.

Have you ever been humilated in public before? I have and it hurts therefore my texts in your forum.

I say sorry to you for everything even if you don't want to hear it from me. You have been really showing who you truly are also.

I feel offended by you so Im glad you are leaving me alone.

Cute song but not my cup of tea, bye!



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goto80: It was an unfriendly text that was aimed at another user in this forum and not to frantic therefor it got edited by a moderator and removed that post from 26 September.
I hope you having fun testing it out Mister! And yes Frantic is helpful but I just want to sort this things out.

frantic: Like you said yourself now about my last post.. That statement had nothing to do with you and the defMON and the defMON2 project.
It just came out of the blue since I was talking about failed kickstarter projects and donation in general and had all that in mind it came out wrong.

I understand you now also that you did not know I was seeking respons of my first post cus I maybe even not even having any question marks.

No, I was putting up one short one-file demo we had make with defMON music in and I thougt it maybe was going to be intresting because to put up on the defMON site cus it has to do with defMON.

No my intentions was not to be unfriendly in any kind either and It was not couloured by a conflict with someone else.

My big questions was just "What prupose and for what groups are you aiming your defMON trackers for?"
I asked that question friendly and it has also to do with defMON and that is why I texted that here.

Im super happy for your updates and the process of the defMON2 project.

"I would prefer if you don't donate more money in the future, It is probably best that way."

Oh so here I got suddenly exluding me from helping out and support your work regarding defMON and defMON2?
Can you please motivate that statement.

I did already donated money for the defMON2 project this day also.



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@frantic: I wrote you a long text and much was wrtten to you with important questions, did you see that at all? It doesn't seems that you paying attention to my text and questions.

You took a small word from a big koncept and made it a big deal. Like "cool with software update, In general I don't like bugs".
- "Oh so you think I have bugs?"

Translate the word "In general" in swedish so there is a better explenation of the word.

Have I ever said you are a fraud? I have NEVER said that and Iam the one who is donating money to you.

@herr_prof: What exactly in my text made you offended?

Have a good day!



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@martin nice tune! Keep it up!

Nice to be back here again with a bitter sweet taste in my mouth..

Anyway in the time of my break my little group manage to do a short Graphic Animation witih a tune made in defMON (1:16 min short)
It could have been made by a 9-year old? The music also? Who knows? Goto80 Liked it smile


@frantic: It would be nice to see more vids under the "C64 productions with defMON music" on the official site but maybe that is more for the big serious demogroups? I don't know how you see it there around.

We have goten lots of support by lovely people around and help with much love and it feels so nice but it is another side of the coin as I see it now also by people that aiming for being better then others and have a negative approach.

@frantic: I did not feel any respons from you in my last message here so Im going straight forward with my questions instead:

Who are you aiming for with the defMON & defMON2 Projects? Iam more than happy to support and donate so you know but I want to hear your thoughts about it..

Is it aiming and gonna be kept for "Internetgurus" and "Big demoscenegroups" and proffesional musicans that making money of music and being in the scene for over 20 year or is it gonna be shared and open for everyone to share, explore and having fun with defMON & defMON2?

I like donating money.. Specially for something good even if it is sad with kickstarter projects failing etc.. But Im intrested in the vision of the creator behind certain projects Im investing my money in and in general Im against fraud.

Hope you understand my thoughts and questions.




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@martin_demsky Super nice worktunes you got and I really like the mato 7 in the list there. I would love to see a release.
And sad that you take away your defMON vids from Youtube because they are really nice to listen and see whats goin on in the player.. So entertaning!

@frantic: We are not many people that are using defMON but we looking forward for updates and realease-news about defMON2.
We should all encourage each other in our small defMON-group and help each other and come with tips and tricks like we all have being doing so great here. You know also frantic that Im more than willing to donate money into your projects.

[Edited by moderator - Take this sort of talk somewhere else]

Have a good week folks! Ciao Ciao heart



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@frantic: It is for a simple Intro and the head of our little group requested a little "hiphop beat" to go along with the Intro so I was thinking "I should make it in defMON with the 6581 chip and that will be pretty dirty!"

But we are failing to load in the short sample of the tune into the Intro sad

Error: In segment 'Default' the memoryblock 'Music' ($1000-$2041) overlaps 'Bitmap_1' ($1000-$2f3f)
Little bit annoying as the Intro is almost done.

It is way more of fun and better sound to sit with the real C64 and an editor.. It is just a way of getting along with the old fashioned key commands but I don't look down on people who are using Cross-platforms of course.. Up to each and everyone.

Hope you all having a great week by the way! smile



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Hi again! smile

Well Im in a situation that I need a smaller tune that the packer did for me.
I was thinking to use the whole tune but it was too large so I go: "okey I'll try just 1 minute of it and go for it but with no luck so I got a bit frustrated and limited the tune to like 05 seconds! but no luck there either.. It went down from $2041 to $2019 lol.

Anyway I don't blame the player at all because I know it has it's functions with Stereo-SID option and I understand now the speed option priority of the player. I was just thinking if you got a exteral way or an "old punk defMON-version" that could helped me out.

Off Topic:

Well Im gonna try to focus on the RAM-problem I have for now and not the tune.
I love that Block Acid Dub tune! I got it on in the background while typing. smile

Iam still in a rookie stage when it comes to bytes and bits but the way of assembly has goten my attention now and I love it (not for making games, big demos or my own editoris or something like that) But Im also Impressed by people who made their own SID-Players.

There is some good and nice info on the codebase64 I have learned from.
BTW the Deepsid site is so nice but the emulation of some tunes compared to the real SID-Chip sounds totally different..
I wonder what the best SID-emulator is. I don't think it has been made yet. wink



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Thanks for the new update!

Regarding the packing again and smaller size of the packed files.. Is there any possible way to make a smaller size of the tunes?

I have heard SID-tunes that are almost 1 minut and are around $0801-$1900 but when I do a 5 seconds short tune in defMON it is way over $2000 in loadrange.

Can it be fixed in some kind of way?

Cheers smile


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3. So we are coming to a point when we working with 2 Main screens (2 SIDs). Alot of instruments and effects are made in the SID-Tab and you maybe have over 10 or 20 instruments you have been working on. I like fast flow style sometimes and when Im making a pattern from scratch I would like to remember easily what I want to put in my pattern.

I can really not explain in english sorry but: "En enkel ruta för att anteckna" that you can put up and hide just with a key command.

I  4E: Wobbly bass                                         I
I  10: Helicopter Noise                                    I
I   2F: Bell sound                                            I
I   6A: Short snare                                          I
I   AD: Fast PW arpeggio                               I

Just for typing down some small notices inside the small table and nothing else.

Numero 6:  pack 2SID into the executable form.




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My kind of defMON2:

1. - Fix the 2SID bug that F7sus4 was talking about before and if there are some more minor bugs.
2. - Two Main Screens as now but ability of making more rows in the SEQ-List.
3. - Tiny note-table to take up/hiding for inserting notes about what instruments columns you are working with.
4. - Tweaking filters instantly on the keyboard. 
5. - Two SID-Tabs of course! Bigger and better than ever!
6. - Better packer.

I don't mind a 3SID solution (Save that for defMON3 wink lol just joking here) and you better not mind me at all really.
and don't take me too seriously.

Have a wonderful week my comrades!




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Hurray! Everything went well with the packing of my tune.

So to clarify my packing issues:

1. I was using an old version of defMON from 2017 and with the old versions there was some minor issues with the packer and the filter sweeps of the 8580 according to Frantic which is fixed by now.
2. I was programming incorrectly in the SID-TAB like jumping up from a row to the same row instead of just setting "ST" command in the DL-column.

I changed to the latest version and fixed the errors and re-packed it and all went smooth!

Thank you Frantic!



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frantic wrote:

@d3Ni$e: If you want, you can email me a D64 with defMON and the worktune, and then I can (a) listen to the difference myself, and (b) try to pack it and see if I can figure out if there would be some particular reason for why it might sound very different.

Hello my friend! smile

Thanks alot I sent you a PM now.



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Yes I know and it is the big space of oppertunities that makes it so exciting. I rarely use F8.. I go "11" "61" "AA" and all kind of crazy commands depending of what Im doing in the "CP" Coloumn also.
Yes arpeggios are really funny to create because I always want it to be perfectly synced of the tempo of the tune Im making.

Im thinking about making some short basic tutorial some day..Like a quick guide for people to understand fast. I think you would fit to do that also Martin. smile


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martin_demsky wrote:

Yes that packing to executable prg sometimes sounds different, then i edit in sidedit init and play address to usual $1000 and $1003 and name of autor/tune and sid chip, and some ring modulation or transpose settings sounds different. In defMON i really miss transpose of a pattern i must clone it and transpose it manually.

That is what I thinking of also about the different sounding and how it turns after packing for example with the transpose settings.

I have alot of workfiles but honestly is all messy and in my style of programing. That is what I enjoy so much that you have your own kind of way of program in the SIDTab and it can turn out so good. I see for example Goto80 always types "F8" in the "RE" column for example.

What we all need or "newbies" is like a ground structure of everything and that is also important to program in the "right" way so it not turns out to sound different after packing the tune like in my case here.


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Hello guys! the synth legends FRAK enjoyed my little remix tune I made in defMON with my Commodore 64.. they said I did a good twist on it so that made me really happy.

I think I want to pack the tune and turn it into a sid now but hearing it after packing it is not the same as playing it in the tracker.
It sounds really bad when I listen to the packed file.

Any idea what I do wrong or something?

Thanks Martin! Your tunes are so cool! smile