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frantic wrote:

Thanks for reporting!

Have other people experienced this as well? It has happened to me once.


I have been working with defMON alot lately.. I have been saving 3-4 files at the time but not convert anything, no bugs for me so far 
Is it the overflow in the diskmenu you talking about? smile


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Yeah! this makes me happy! smile


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Yees! planning to hook it up with my Monomachine.. going to be insane. smile


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Thank you!!!


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Can not navigate in the defMON site.. need the bpm calculator. Please help!


Im looking after a different chipmusic genre. I know it has been up in this fourm.. their is a long documentary about the genre on youtube (nordic documentary)


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This is fantastic 4mat! A mix program in C64 how awesome! smile

Great for chord stacking ey! I would try out the 6-channel mode first. smile

Is it like 3 channels of the orginal voices and the rest like echo of the orginal channels?

Okey now Im not so into Nesmusic and those trackers but I would have worked a little bit more with the bass part.
Overall a really sweet cover. smile


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Niice! love experimental chiptunes!

Really nice!


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Whaat! thats crazy!

DIN-Sync with C64 + defMON?


Super Metroid (1994) - Super Nintendo


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frantic wrote:

I just wanted to mention this stereo SID unit:


The reason is that I think that project deserves all the support it can get. I'd say it is the ultimate stereo sid solution. At least as "ultimate" as it gets in actual practice. Among other things it allows you to put any SID model(s) in any C64 (such as new SID on old breadbin, or one of each SID model, or whatever). Perhaps I should also say that I am not affiliated to that project, but merely a customer. It might only be produced in one batch, so if you want it, this is your chance.

It works with defMON, and when and IF defMON 2 becomes reality, it will certainly support this thing too, including the special features.

This is really a cool solution! Like it when you don't need the soldering experience too.

Still using defMON with an old breadbox.. my only problem is that it is too much noise when Im trying to record straight from the TV. Any soulution to my problem? smile

wow! this made my day smile