Thank you both for your messages and critics !

What you wrote Ecce homo about the Keyboard chorus took a lot of sense !
It is very useful, so, I just think about to let ring one or two full chip cycles, before to begin the chorus, so that we could hear the drum/bass arrangement !

Thank you very much for your feedbacks !

Hello world !

I'm musician and french 3D animator.
I usually play Jazz, but today I would like to release a storytelling Chiptune album.
Lokae, the journey will be the title of the release (cannot exclude any changements... You know... Titles...)
Some of the tracks would be 100% chip sounds used, others would use others instruments. Some will contain keyboards choruses. Some won't.

I'm very new into Chiptune, then I try to find the right sounds, the right predilection gears. I am still on tests state but all the compositions are already written on paper. They just need to find their way on the sound-design itselfs.
That's why I'm returning towards you, Chiptune mentors, to have some criticism. Some ideas to improve my skills. Suggestions, any.

I let you three songs from the album I already made. Feel free to listen to it, and to give me honnest feedbacks.

Moonflakes : (this is an example of track containing Keyboard chorus, and some add. pads)

Frozen Lake :

Overworld :

Dreaming scapes. Glitchy scapes. Hazy scapes. Adventurous scapes. Fighting scapes. I would try to offer a song to all of these wonderful -clich├ęs- we could find playing a game. That's my point.

I am working with Famitracker for every chip sounds.
And I work with Ableton for mixing, additional keyboards etc...

By the way, thank you very much for taking time to listen to my project.
I hope you will enjoy it.

And I hope to hear from you, musicians.

Take care,