I confirm, we had a solution. Thanks for the help and for this great site.

Is there any way to unregister from chipmusic.org?

The contact email doesn't work/exist (it bounces), and yet I did not receive a reply from assumed moderators after sending PM to them...

Thanks for any help or hints,

I have neither of those cartridges so this will probably be answered by someone else. (I have Turbo Chameleon which works fine.)
Though I think it should work with any cartridge that has the standard LOAD/SAVE KERNAL entry points. If that doesn't work you can try the SID-Wizard version (with postfix -KERNALload) which forces the traditional ROM LOAD/SAVE entries.

Of course you need an Y-split serial cable for 1541U if it occupies the C64 serial port and doesn't have another receptacle to put HerMIDI in with daisy chaining method.

A new version was born. Beside fixes I implemented some features that were requested.
You can try whether the MIDI-sync and start/stop is more usable than before. Unfortunately I had no setup to test it, but it should work, at least it worked in VICE emulator with virtual MIDI-port to/from MIDItrk.
See changelog.txt in 'manuals' folder for more information on new features...

Great news, MARiO64! Just stumbled upon these news by accident.
I'm still very busy, this time with a SID hardware stuff, so I still had no time for SID-Wizard development, just collected some more ToDos for it...
Your solution to use C64 as a sync-master is clever. Write to my messagebox at hermit.sidrip.com if you need help to point out places where the sync can be in phase with the actual 2-frame delayed hard-restarted soundstarts. (Easier to solve in software for most people, than with a hardware, I guess.)
Good to see that my opensource-mindedness becoming fruitful. (This is a kind of delegation where I don't have enough time and heads and hands.)
I'm looking forward to see your stuff, preferably with the code-portions you changed in SW.

I still have 1..2 HerMIDIs built, in case someone is unable to create one... (write me at my webpage hermit.sidrip.com)

I'm not that familiar with the release system of Chipmusic.org
Has anyone released a tune here already that was composed with TEDzakker?
I'd be interested what other people could get out of TED. smile

Bump here too hmm  Too many projects and interests and too few time atm...sorry.
The good news is all my current projects are about SID in a way... :{)
check out my latest one, jsSID:
(zip downloadable at hermit.sidrip.com)

With this you can make your SIDs playable at your webpage within browser, no need for Flash plugin..

Thanks guys for all the information about MMC/MTC/etc.
That came handy so I'll have more time for the actual implementation instead of spending time looking for proper articles...

It's not so clear for me from cyberic's linked article that MMC would be the ultimate solution, maybe I'll need to implement different sync-versions if it will be kinda easy to do...

We'll see...

Good luck with the C16, Domu. Good to hear there will be interest and testing for the C16 version, though you have to know that you can't export runnable right on the C16 and its capabilities are quite limited due to the memory limit of 16kbyte... Still you can save, loand and edit/listen small workfiles on C16, at least... smile

According to what cArrion said at the CSDB release page, I'm curious what 4mat will say about this TED music tool TEDzakker...
I hope I made it easy-to-use enough...

As you wished, I announce the new tracker I made in the last 2 months for the Commodore Plus4 computer's TED chip.
(It works on Commodore16 and Commodore64 too, and simulates TED on the SID-chip of the latter.)

I've been C64 user for many years and didn't actually care about the Plus4/C16, as I've heard TED chip has very poor sound. But in the last months I really got in love with this tiny Plus4, it has a lot of nice features and improvements to the older machines. And you can bring out much more from the TED chip than you would first think when you read its parameters. (Check out my runnable example-tunes.)
TEDzakker tries to bring these extra sound capabilities to you...

Here are the corresponding links:

Have a nice composing...
In case you have any question, post it here or write to me at [email protected]

@garvalf: In SID-Wizard, to optimize the rastertime and speed, the pitch is handled on one 'thread', the pitch for the note is set, then if there's slide/vibrato, it modifies it. So answering your question, there's no actual chance at the moment to do slide and arpeggio at the same time, not even slide and vibrato at the same time, as they're all done by a single frequency modifier 'thread', just like in Goattracker. There's a limited possibility to add some vibrato to the arpeggios, namely if you use the arp/chord speed parameter, it leaves gaps between the arpeggio-steps where the vibrato can perform some kind of detuning... or you can use the detune-column beside the arpeggio-table for detuning, but that does only one setting in case of $7F chord-call...
Maybe in the future for the time and size consuming extra-player I can add the functionality of independent slide and vibrato to set pitch at the same time...

With VICE keyboard layouts some modification of .vkm files sometimes are needed. I optimized the C64 layout of SID-Wizard to Linux X11 version (.vkm) of VICE. One very important thing is (it makes sense for Hungarian keyboard, maybe for French too) that you should set English keyboard layout for proper working in VICE. At least it was the case for me and some friends either with positional and symbolic mappings in VICE...
(For the freshly released TEDzakker I included modified .vkm files for VICE emulator as a workaround the OS differences...)

I added the above-mentioned function-requests (remembering startup-menu choice in the config-file) to ToDo list...

@gr8face: That's really kind of you actually trying and noticing the extra features I put into SID-Wizard. (PWM/Filter keyboard-tracking, note-off pointers, chords, MIDI/XM-conversion, etc. are features that might not be found elsewhere at the moment...)

Interesting to hear that SID-Wizard in VICE emulator is as usable as GoatTracker for some people. That means I made good decisions regarding keyboard-layouts, although not every OS has the same key-layout for VICE... (OSX doesn't have 'insert' key for example..)

I checked DefMon, it seems to be an easy-to-work-with tool. Couldn't find LSDJ C64 version btw. As I've read at the LSDJ site, it has some extras in the arpeggio-section, I'll check that out, what it could be...

NTSC: I've heard about NTSC display issues in the past. I've replied to this in the other topic, but in a nutshell: In VICE the top/bottom border content is just seen. For some people on real machine it was solved by setting vertical-size/height on the monitor/TV, however some people reports that it doesn't solve the issue totally, but orderlist can be seen at least...

Sure, I'll post it here tomorrow I guess... will be released at CSDB and Sourceforge...

Oh, btw. I have the parts for 8 HerMIDIs 'on stock' if anyone is interested.
(I just need to assemble them on request when I have some free time.)

If someone will be so kind to send DAW MIDI-signal dumps to me, don't forget to contact me by email at [email protected]
(i prefer this faster way), and we can exchange information about testing and implementation...
(In receiver.prg test-application of HerMIDI I implemented a dump feature, so the received MIDI-bytes can be saved on real C64 and can be sent to me for analizing...)

Hi ChipMusic.org members!

I got a mail today with this forum-topic, so I registered to chipmusic.org to answer your questions and collect feature-requests, bug-reports for SID-Wizard.
I'm surprised how big userbase chipmusic.org has, unfortunately I wasn't really aware about the greatness and importance this site...
Seems to me there are many people mentioning SID-Wizard here as their choice of tracker, I feel honored, and I'm here to help them out. Btw. you should be aware that SID-Wizard is open-source and you can modify it in any way you want if you have coding skills...
If not, tell me your problem here or through PM at CSDB or mail to the sourceforge alias.
(Sorry, I needed to delete my email due to privacy issues with google, a long story, won't go in details here. In SW1.8 I'll update it to my [email protected] email alias. )

Answering the 2 questions appearing above:

-Kerberos works with SID-Wizard (just as with other MIDI-enabled programs), however, currently only the NMI-based NameSoft on real machine. I think you already got the point: Set NameSoft in the PC-app for Kerberos for the flash-slot. 
I need to refine the IRQ timing for Datel/JMS/etc. in the MIDI-code. I've been busy in the last 2 months with another tracker project (being released in the next days)... but in the next weeks I'll try to improve SID-Wizard further based on your requests and user-reports.
(HerMIDI is more optimal solution for SID-Wizard as it buffers the MIDI-data and helps the C64 to have its raster-interrupts undisturbed.)

-Play, Pause, Sync: I don't use these MIDI-commands, so I ask you for a little explanation why and how you would like it. In the past I've put the Play/Stop function into the MIDI-code of SID-Wizard for Witchmaster and it worked for him when he tested it IIRC. I never tested this feature. Many tools and soundards or MIDI-controllers/keyboards might send these control-signals in different ways, and I alone can't prepare for these (well I know, MIDI-standard specification should be enough). If anyone here (TSC?) wants to help by testing, we can contact by email and cooperate to improve the play/stop commands.

Synchronization through MIDI is not (yet) implemented, but I think it's possible. The timing of SID-Wizard is based on raster-interrupts and VIC-tricks to have everything on one screen (26 character rows plus upper/lower border orderlist). Therefore it may not respond precisely enough to arbitrarily timed events like sync-requests through MIDI, it would have some 'jitter' (max 20ms, mostly less) in the timing in 'sync' mode.  The question is how much jitter can be allowed for the sync feature, and the possibility of implementation will depend on that...
Again, someone should contact me to help in testing, as I don't ever use this feature of MIDI either.

(About NTSC: I prepared SID-Wizard for NTSC, if you check in VICE emulator, it just fits on the screen in upper/lower borders. If you can't see the top/bottom entirely, you need to adjust the vertical-size pot of your screen smaller if it's possible...probably it is.)