Hey man,i'm from France, the red Gameboy is still for sale ? I'm interested.
Tot ziens ; )

Mrwimmer wrote:

Hey!  It took me a while, but the source files for all 4 tracks are now available here.  They all run great as of 0CC-FT, if anything breaks too bad in the future I'll try to fix them.

Thanks so much for the Occ file .
Bought the album a couple weeks ago, been listening to it every week."The night we met" is a classic for me.
I'll definitely  be on the lookout for future releases from you guys.
All the best and cheers from FRANCE.


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I  use it a lot, the editing is better,among other things.
Can someone clarify what the groove settings does compared to the Fxx command ? Or speed, tempo settings. It seems to be a feature that a lot of people like.didn't ses any tutorial on this.


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my.Explosion wrote:

Yah some of the tracks are tight as hell tbh. but I'd actually be kind of a little disappointed if this were the tracks intended for their next album simply because it lacks a sort of... coherence? Hard do describe.
But only a little disappointed. A little.

Yes that's what i felt at first...then i realized it's far from the level of Endless Fantasy in terms of composition and production plus where's the band ? i vote for B-sides,  still great songs on it Lilo,Phase2000x, PM Dawn,Rush and Swan  are my  favs for now  : ), those are the ones that made me doubt by the way...