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- Linux user of 5 years (Arch master race)
- Self-host several applications (Tiny Tiny RSS, ownCloud, etc)
- C/C++


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catskull wrote:

Congratulations! I'll be eagerly awaiting Phase 2.

That mostly depends on how long it takes my cart to ship to the US from BenVenn's shop. tongue


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Gosh it's pretty.


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I'm doing my best to jumpstart my "career" as a chiptune artist. I'm a massive fan of chiptune ever since my first exposure in "Super Hexagon", and have bought several albums from artists like chipzel, Shirobon, and Zef (with a tad of Big Giant Circles and tiasu).

I've never considered myself the creative type, but after learning about LSDj and messing around with it a tiny bit in an emulator I'm quite confident it's something I can learn, and I'm currently in the process of jumping full-force into the chiptune scene. I've ordered most of the required bits (Gameboys, reprogrammable cartridges, soldering gear, etc.) and am waiting for them to arrive. I've also begun creating the various accounts I'll need and tentatively have been looking into artwork (if you are an artist and are interested in being commissioned Email/PM me) Meanwhile in the real world I've been working towards a major in network security.

I'm an introvert at heart so putting myself out here like this is uncomfortable at best and I hope I won't come to regret it. neutral (I'm more of a "lurker.")  However, I'm open to advice and I hope I'll be a positive addition to the chiptune community. big_smile