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Absolutely, I do techno etc gigs around, mostly in Germany, chip gigs so far only in Finland. If you know any event, please just let me know, PM or here. I am just working with the live set, with some small gear (small old MS-DOS laptop with FM, and/or LittlePiggy in GP2X or PSP, for instance).

Thanks smile !!

Gala wrote:

Finland and UK? Come to France, so I can enjoy the show! big_smile

(it's really one of my favorite chiptune release of the year)


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Well, I live in Finland and Joss in UK, so let's hope, I might be going there in next year, if and when that happens, video for sure. I might do something on my own, when working with the gig settings, let's see smile.

Panda Chan wrote:

If you ever get any video of this I would love to see this release envisioned live!


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Thanks !! More is coming, next step will be making gig-ready small, portable system of this, solo + hoping to play with Joss live at some point smile !


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New EP out from zero flag records:
Joss Manley & Byte.clone: diabolic vegetarian

glitch/IDM chip stuff using C64 and Amiga, among others.

https://zeroflagrecords.bandcamp.com/al … vegetarian

Joss Manley - Biospheras
VICE64 beats and glitches



!!! smile

d0x10 (aka Byte.clone) - biospheras

glitch/core/breakcore, Amiga/AROS, 8-bit, algorithmic/live coding


Also Byte.clone new one, here:

https://byteclone.bandcamp.com/album/at … ion-area-d

glitch/IDM, chipglitch, Amiga 8svx, algorithmic beats and errors

Hope you enjoy smile !

Thanks all !!

Yes, AROS is interesting, need to explore more, there are several different versions available. And yes, Joss is amazing !!


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thanks guys, empty rows work perfectly, I have long loops, tempo is defined half + chained with empty slot, now I can play them exactly as I want to, columns are not looping, I can mix stuff on the fly !! smile


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Just blank rows, that's all ? I need to test, thanks very much !!


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Extremely embarrassed to ask as I am sure there's answer somewhere in wiki, just can't find it. Anyway:

I haven't much used Piggy, so quite noobie, I have a gig coming, and am trying to (possibly) replace one program by using Piggy instead. What I need is simple: Live mode running 4-5 channels, and I would need only one row looping, not going to back line 1 from line 3 for instance, just looping the one row samples (muting, soloing etc), or using samples from several rows, one per column, but not so that looping goes back to line 1. I have tried to change one shot to loop to loopsync mode, but doesn't work (PSP 3000).

Thanks in advance ! Hope I described my problem, well, well.


Bump ! There are some tools that might not been available in 2011 or so. HandyMusic and SASS, for instance, also new, perhaps easier to use Mateos flashcart with 16 slots, each 256k.

HandyMusic and SASS:


Mateos' flash:

http://www.vectrex.hackermesh.org/index … -mvbd-mvmc