No worries... Gonna have a go at making some schematics for it soon... If you're gonna do the same thing we can compare notes!! Forgot to add that the orange caps are 104's

I'm tempted... how much are you looking for it? might have to wait till i can afford it! big_smile:D

Been rubbish!!

Peter Casey had a different midi device which I bought by chance off ebay... And the loverly chap has sent me pics of the cheetah board!! It's also going on ebay soon... Apparently he has loads of goodies... Pics to follow... As well as a link to his ebay!!

dammit! I just saw the mail in my spam!!

also did you sell it yet?


(sorry not been on in a while!)

Hi guys.... I know it's unlikely but does anyone have a schematic or pictures of the pcb for the ZX spectrum Cheetah Midi interface??

It was an interface that plugged in the back like the joystick not the one that plugs into the phone sockety thing in the +2 onwards...

I've not seen one for sale anywhere and I want to at least build one!!

Thanks for any help in advance!

getting EM: Windows has stopped this device because it has reported problems. (Code 43)

A request for the USB device descriptor failed.

I seem to be struggling with this... I followed the steps but i still can't install it... it tells me the best driver software for my device is already installed...

Well after searching for a while with no success i found this : … mp;act=url

A diy Spectrum clone with the AY chip on it!!

I am in the process of building a 128k version and hopefully will be able to get stereo out ( or split the signal so i can mute a channel!) and make  a nice case!! will let y'all know how i get on!

*edit* Forgot to add it turns out my 128K is actually a 48k spectrum +!! oops!

Wow.... thanks for that!!!

Definitely will be going through all of them!

Thanks for all your help bud!! big_smile

My plan is to use the actual spectrum hardware (that's ay music right???) with an sd / cf card... was reading that games n stuff loads much quicker with them over the tape with the limited baud rate...

Thanks!! Will give them a look!

Hey peeps...

I've got a zx81 (with extra ram pack), a 128k and a +2

I wanna learn how to chiptune with them and looking for some stuff to read up on...

I haven't ad a chance to properly look through the forums so my apologies if this has been posted loads already...

What sort of hardware and software do i need ??

Cheers peeps!


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It's still something to keep an eye on! Cheers bud! Never thought about checking the gameboy mod places... off for a trawl....


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Hi peeps...

Anyone know of any readily available usb gameboy cart flashers?

I've already got my name down for the one on tindie...

Just wondering if there's anything i can buy now that would do the job?

I've seen the diy one as well but i've currrently got too many other projects on as well..

Thanks in advance!

I do have a broken pocket on its way to me... so who knows!!! big_smile specially as it's cheaper than the fpga to make the giant gameboy!!