Any ideas on the MIDI bug? I've discovered it doesn't happen when using the "dummy" sounddriver so it's definitely somewhere in the ALSA implementation. I'm tempted to try OSS if I can get it to run.

Here's a screenshot for explanation:

16:0 and 20:0 can't be activated no matter what I do. All the rest can be enabled or disabled as normal (including 17:0.) I can get MIDI out of the Digi 002 rack by using 20:1 and physically plugging the cable into port 2 of the device, but the timing accuracy is horrible. Using 16:32 on the Soundblaster doesn't seem to do anything even though it can be enabled (I suspect it's for the front panel I/O box which I don't have.) I really want 16:0 which is the DB15 port.

When I try to activate the "dead" ports (16:0 or 20:0) by selecting them and pressing space, I get this "ALSA: Resource temporarily unavailable" error in the message console. One per spacebar press. Note: this happens regardless of whether I'm using ALSA or Pulse for the driver.

Another thing is selecting /dev/midi or /dev/midi1 will "work" but crash the tracker when I try to play a note on them. I don't have OSS so I assume this is the reason (but shouldn't these ports be delisted in that case?)

I accidentally used an old build to take those screenshots but the latest 2016.11.14 has the same behaviours (confirmed on this machine and a couple of others.)

sandneil wrote:

can you use those ports/devices with other software in linux?

Yep, the ports in question work in Renoise (and I tested that they actually output data to external hardware, not just tried to activate them.)

I'm having a really strange issue with the MIDI configuration. When I go down the list of devices, I can only activate the second or later instance of each device. I.e. on my firewire interface with two MIDI out ports I can only activate the second port, the first one stays locked to "disabled." Using a simple 1-port USB dongle I can't enable it at all, it's stuck on "disabled" and nothing can be done.

I'll get a screenshot of what I mean later tonight that makes it more clear.

The bug seems to happen only on Linux; I'm running the latest 2016.11.14 snapshot, compiled by myself, on various Linux machines (mostly Ubuntu-based) and it occurs on all of them. I built the same source on my Mac (OSX 10.8) and it doesn't happen there.

Anyone have an idea how to fix this? I have a live act coming up early in January and I really want to incorporate Schism into it.

Hey guys! Esa tipped me off on Pouet that there was some ongoing development. As a long time IT & Schism user, I approve of this. smile

I have at my disposal a Macbook Pro running 10.8.5 and a PowerMac G5 running Leopard, both with the last versions of xcode for their respective platforms and gcc + Homebrew + autotools + cmake + etc. I'm happy to help out with OSX builds too, especially for older versions & PowerPC which I still run (I'm definitely not the only one who still has a G5 in my studio.)

@scannerboy - nice to have updates on the MIDI end too, I've been using IT to sequence hardware instruments for a long time but old versions of Schism's timing never seemed accurate enough to do the job.