One of my fave mods ever mate - mind-blowing re-creation in CBT!! Great work mate please email me the mod big_smile

Pah managed to double post from my phone... smile

All I can say having played with it a little while now that it's brilliant and the import Protracker works well too smile

My first port here whilst getting used to using the new features like built-in delay and the awesome synthesis:

Started out on c64 with assembly and basic demo coding. Moved to Amiga and onto 68000 assembly  where I was one of the first coders for Magnetic Fields demo group and later Digital.
Then started making mods and other chip stuff (Future Composer and Soundmon) so stopped coding as a hobby and let the coding to the other guys.

Work wise I'm a DBA nowadays having been a coder for a number of years before that.

Visual Basic
HMTL, JavaScript etc

I could probably still code 6502 weirdly but I'd struggle doing 68000

PM'd - not tracked for quite a few years but looks awesome big_smile