… atercolors

Here it is you guys! Our last hooray! Hope you all enjoy it big_smile
We put in a lot of hard work into this so if you like it, share it!

Did I mention it's free?! Donations are accepted though! wink

Best and safe travels,
-Anthony [ABH]

Imaginary -- You are too kind, I hope you enjoy it! smile

Sonus Silver -- The last year and half we have not had time to practice/play shows. We live in different cities and are all involved in a number of other projects. I figured this would be a great way give people the rest of the songs we only got to play a few times live. I might release some various singles over the next few years but as a band we are kaput.

Hey Everyone!

Anthony from Alone in the Universe here posting to let you know that we are releasing our final album Watercolors next week on August 23rd! We've been working on it for the last two years and we're stoked to finally put it out there. We mix LSDj with punk, powerpop, ska, and bossa nova grooves together in a mishmash of existential fueled chiprock!

Check out our track The Great Beyond on bandcamp and download for free! You can also download our first album Somewhere, Something Incredible for free as well!

Thanks and safe travels!
-Anthony [ABH]
Alone in the Universe … eat-beyond