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Searching for ANY C64 SIDSYNTH:

If you have:

TherapSid Synth

or ANY similar C64 SID chip synth
Please let me send email wit name and price.
([email protected]) REMOVE " XXX "

If is possible from Europe! If not other is good to!

Thank You All


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There is lot "copy" of legendary 303 :-)

Witch is best?
Can you write 303 avalible for DIY. project

e.s.c. wrote:

please do not make 3 posts about the same topic. this forum doesn't get that much traffic, so your new topics are 30% of the threads with new posts in the last 12 hours.. closing and removing the other two threads.

Really sorry it is mistake, im new here so i dont know where to ask question.
Now i know.

Thank you

TetrisEffect wrote:

google is not your friend?

smile smile Yes it is! But im searching 3 days for sammichsid.brd and MB-6582.brd
It is easy to find all info but *.brd files is imposible, thrust me.
So i ask @ forum

Hi to all @ ChipMusic

Do you know where to find SAMMICH SID or MB-6582 schematic in *.brd file or similar format?

Or do you know ANY similar DIY SID Synth but in *.brd format?
Please let me know or send private message.

Same goes if you have *.brd file of some DIY synths like 303, FM etc...
For any help i send complete PCB (free) to pearson who know or have SID synth in *.brd format!!!

I know for:
Sammich SID
MidiBox SID v2
Therapy SID
Retrocade Synth

Please continue list if you know for other versions SID synth...

Thank You ALL!