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sorry to necro post - what is the current state of this conversion?


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https://www.patchshair.com is live - right now it only supports .y12 .dmp .tfi .bin (aimed at Deflemask users)

I want to open this up to other formats as well.

I'm very interested in finding coders to help with sound previews.

I also need beta testers.

GLOOMS wrote:

WOWE, everyone come listen to these sega jams!

glooms new album is super choice as well.


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i really love the sound design on this album!


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holy sh1t.

started recording some vids of the tracker.

thanks y'all smile

Sega Genesis album...



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i like that Ymstep+ song.  smile


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made a professional website for myself - i used twitter's bootstrap framework.



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it's out


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releasing october 23rd

i used Ableton for this release but most all of the instruments (not the drums) are SNES samples and a few OS system sounds.  there’s some regular ol’ guitar in there too.


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I've been thinking about trying to make a psuedo virtual boy wavetable synth in Max for Live for a while.  Today a searched around maxforlive.com for wavetable plugins and I found this:  http://maxforlive.com/library/index.php … p;q=chippy

So close!  this plugin has 41 steps...  a little too much resolution for my taste.  I figured i'd reduce the resolution to 32 steps.  I also made a mono version.  Very easy - just changed a few parameters in the Max Patch.  Unfortunately you need Max or Max for Live to run it hmm

There are some tricky things about using it.  If you want multiple instances of the plugin you need to keep reimporting it and save a bunch of instances.

Here it is in action:   https://instagram.com/p/BaFDH39j-jz/

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Gnar Kill