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Hi! I'm from Beligum and work on lsdj. I released my first album on Chip Bangers. Influenced by My Bloody Valentine, Boards Of Canada, Ozric Tentacles, Godspeed You Black Emperor!, Sigur Ros, Chipzel, Danimal Cannon and Knife City smile



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Personally I recently discovered PeeR's six dances EP, and I have to say that it's damn gold in chiptune! His musical phrases are all skillfully constructed and each commands seems to be wisely explored. 2xlsdj can work great to make intense game boy chiptune. So impressed!

Hey nice track! Reminds me Wario's Castle music in Super Mario Land 2, if you see. I also think that what you could do is use noise channel for simple drums parts. You don't really need the kit samples for this. Noise channel can do a good job. This way allows you to have bass line in wav and create polyphony with pulse. Otherwise the best advice I can give you is taking good models. Do you know Zef and Danimal Cannon? You will learn a lot of tricks from these guys.