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I released another single!! I would love if you checked it out and maybe tell me your first impressions? smile


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So I released a new single today and I would love if you gave it a listen smile
https://amateurlsdj.bandcamp.com/track/ … is-brewing


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it sounds awesome! i think you should try to aim for more variability in the melody and see how you could make minor alterations throughout to keep it more intriguing. other than that, i agree with what defensemech said and it's a great track!


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Hello all. The annual ChiptunesWIN compilation, Volume 8, was released a couple of days ago and I just wanted to share my track here!


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You can use songs from here if you like!:


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Same here. This has been happening for a couple of weeks for me, I was wondering when someone would address it.


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Thank you! heart


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Thanks! That means a lot!


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After a year of preparation, I finally get to share the results of my hard work. Please support and share if you enjoy!



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Hello all, so I'm fairly new to the chiptune scene and just starting getting the hang of LSDJ. I'm releasing an album on my Bandcamp page this Friday titled "Superstition". I would be glad if you guys checked it out. This album once it's released and my previous ones can be found here: https://amateurlsdj.bandcamp.com

Also I've been updating and posting some snippets on my Twitter, would be nice if you gave it a look: https://twitter.com/amateurlsdj


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It’s not like the first one got any recognition lol but I still made a second one. You can check it out here: https://amateurlsdj.bandcamp.com/album/warfare. Feel free to give me any feedback below.


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@amateurlsdj www.twitter.com/amateurlsdj


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Hey guys, I just released my first album on Bandcamp and I would really like if you checked it out. It can be found here:

I hope you enjoy it!

I’m about to go on vacation in Florida smile