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The Laohu +1


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that was the first trial... got a 13pin -> VGA adapter for the atari and didn't realize that the ST series doesn't support colour VGA


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maxYMiser isn't supported by monochrome mode sad only color


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So I was gifted an Atari 1040STe and have been dying to work on maxYMiser, but no matter what video output I use, the resolution for maxYMiser is too low and makes the program unreadable. First I tried the composite AV and RF adapters, which worked great for other Atari ST prg's, but didn't work for maxYMiser. So I messaged gwEM and he recommended SCART output... So I bought a 13pin - > SCART cable and a SCART -> HDMI adapter, both just came in the mail yesterday. I tried hooking it up this morning, but I keep getting "no signal" ... Are there any Atari folks in America that have figured out what devices will properly convert SCART to HDMI or any other AV out methods that have yielded a legible display for maxYMiser? I doubt i'll be able to find a TV with a SCART input... PLEASE HELP MEH!