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alright so I sorta play guitar

can any one explain or give a cart so if I play a guitar note I can translate that into lsdj?

also dose any one have know where I can find a list or examples of good lsdj instruments ?
any help is greatly appreciated .

Defiantly neat, thanks!

Alright thanks

Im sorry but im new. Is an everydrive really as simple as loading the rom and playing? Dose it work with lsdj? Becouse i just got a gb usb smart card 64m and i HATE it . i can not get any thing to pick it up and ive tryed every tutorial.  Im just tired of wasting money. Can a beginer us an everydrive?

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my problem with drum machine or sequenced metal is when everything is always the same speed and grindy it loses its impact. Use breakdowns and ghost notes!

Im not using a drum machine. But i am using a sd100 because i have no room where i live now. After i move out and get settled in id like to get a more "conventual death metal drum kit"  thanks for your advice. At the momet we are still writing but i hope to start recordng soon.

I am currently working on creating a punk/death metal/ horror band
Featuring various instruments, chip tunes , and vocals.   No i am not talking about Nintendocore. I mean actual punkesk and death metal.  Focusing mainly on horror movies and games.

I guse i would just really like some thoughts on this?

Do you like metal and chip tunes?
What about horror?
Some things i should avoid?
Do you prefer just straight up chiptune music?
Are there bands that already do this?
Do you support the idea or am i wasting time ?

Im heavy into deathmetal punk and grindcore(check ever box inbetween) i also love video games and electronic music. I think nitendocore is dying bc so is deathcore im not sure what it is but every person i know that listend to deathcore left it for either pop and rap or deathmetal. And the bands break up or leave the genre. Its more like a steping stone and so is Nintendocore.   

Also im working on wrighting some stuff.The vision for my band is a Death/horror/punk/8bit band . utilizing my electronic drums dmg keyboard vocals.     Also featuring guitar bass and vocals by the other members, and what ever other equipment i pick up in the future ( im thinking of getting a PO and eventualy i want an "acoustic drum kit")  the vision for my band excites me but im kind of wondering if there is even a "market" (for lack of better words) for such a thing?


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I have track saved on my dmg, a MIDI Arduino Boy coming from TC. Im ready to record, should i try and record the dmg for this track with my mic and equiptment (for the vocals).or should i just wait out the MIDI Arduino Boy coming in the mail?

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You should just ask him!

I think he orders everything once the order is placed. I'd put my money on that it will actually take 3-4 weeks to ship.

Okey thanks. I figured it probably  would take that long. With all the work that gose into it.

Precursor:Okey so to start off im new to chipmusic and pretty new to music in general.  I have a band, logos, and a fair amount of equipment. Im super excited to start recording.

A few days ago (like 3 or 4) i orderd the MIDI Arduino Boy from TC, and to any one who as ordered on. Is the 3 to 4 weeks for shiping a defendant or a maximum time? Sorry if this question is dumb or i seen impatient, im just kind of excited.