I heart to reply to my own posts. So the answer would be yes. I tried converting small, simple tune - copied sequence data into Carillon (had to move drums to right channel), matched some instruments and the result was quite plausible. Here's the tool I wrote for such purpose if someone wants to give it a try.

Hey, I need advice from someone with cross platform experience. Recently I've started writing small utility to dump contents of certain replay routine. I've isolated track order for each channel, pattern data, instruments and macros. Basically I'll be able to parse whole tune and present it in more readable form.

The question is: would straight pattern conversion to some existing format (ie. Carillon, hUGETracker, etc.) make any sense. Or is it just waste of time since everything needs to be tracked from scratch?

I understand that all instruments would need to be recreated. Some (ie. bass) need to be moved specific channel and so on.
I'm also well aware that SID is vastly superior do GameBoy APU so results might vary.

So, is it worth trying or complete waste of time? smile

Thank you, really appreciate it! Unfortunately it's also for AMD flash chip. To get the contents you need some old PC with LPT port and original software. Probably easier to download Public Domain.7z and locate what you need.


I've been trying to fix some non working 16M Flash Pro cart for PC-Linker. It was erased, so I need a dump of working cart to flash it back. Unfortunately the only version floating around is for AMD chip, as in linked post. My cart has ATmel chip, so it doesn't work. Let me know if you can help. TIA!