thanks a lot @ all! I'm  in this forum for maybe 1 month now and its great how (fast) people helping each other here! :-)
I had no time for doing gameboy stuff the last week, but i will try out your suggestions asap!

Hello everyone!

I have a problem with my modded gameboy and want to ask you guys, because i didn't found something useful at the internet.

I've modded my Gameboy DMG with a backlight, a bivert chip and a rca-prosound Mod.
Now everything works, but after a while (about twenty minutes) the display gets darker and darker
till it DMG completely shuts down. when i do power OFF and ON, the display  is still dark.
after waiting some hours and than turning the gameboy ON, the display is bright enough again
so i can play another twenty minutes till the same problem appears :-/

does anybody has an idea how i maybe could solve that problem?

(Its no problem for me to open up the gameboy again and do some soldering,
but i'm really not into the electronics).

hey @bryface

my english is bad, so i don't understand everything the programm should be able to do.
But i really recommed you the programm "Aseprite"! (which costs about 15 dollars)

Keys are fully customizable and there are a lot of nice features like:
- replace all pixels of a choosen colour with another colour.
- symetric drawing (horizontally and vertically)
- original colour pallets of c64, gameboy and a lot of other old game consols
- infite using of layers
- you can also animate and export gifs by using frames (which can also be sorted by layers)
- the programm surface is really neat and the programm isn't hard to learn.

but i think it isnt possible to move the cursour with your arrow keys :-/

You was right! I've never looked at the groove window before. Just had to choose 6 as the first value.
Now everything works!!! Thank you so much!!! :-)


I bought myself a gameboy classic, a "gb usb smart card 64M" and Lsdj.
After some trouble on installing the cartridge-driver on my win-64bit system
the "gb_usb" programm finally works and i played the lsdj file on the cartridge.

My gameboy (which isn't modded) correctly displays lsdj. It also works to
prelisten the notes i choose. But when i hit the play button it plays the patterns
ultra slow (maybe 10-20 Bpm) altough i choosed the tempo of 140bpm in the
project screen.

When running LSDJ with a gameboy-emulator everything works :-/
does anybody have an idea how to fix that problem and running lsdj
on the gameboy in the set speed?

after all that trouble i had already i would really appreciate your help!

have a nice day!