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Hey there bit boys and bit girls! I don't know if this it's redundant so please inform me!
In a wonderful manic experience on a train for 18 hours I heave coded a prototype midi map in patcher. I saw there was one for live and I quickly shoved my hopes and dreams from downloading that horrible software again and built one from scratch.

Should I have slept more?!?!?

Did I have the chance to?!?!?

So while they were screaming at me to show them my ticket for the third time I built this thing I can't even show you because I can't connect to the hotel WiFi!!!

So is this useful?
Should I cry into my pillow tonight???

I dunno
Let me know tho so I can plan accordingly for soggy pillow holdings. And I'll update you with the file regardless because I'm a heathen!!!

Stay tuned for the saga of if I cry into my pillow tonight!!!



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Just got my second DMG in the mail today. Loaded it up with the same lsdj from my first cart. Whenever I try to go into sync mode trying to get the two to sync it works until I start playing the master at which the master displays "too busy" and I'm unable to do anything until I reset. The one set to slave does not freeze 50% but will. Anytime the clock Is super fast despite setting it to 40bpm. Anyone have any clues on what's going on? Tried switching the order around as well.