Also @bryface, if you press F9 you can hide your cursor. I would recommend these settings to get a good text-like/more definition setup:

(left click Settings) Quadruple size pixels.
(right click PAL) Palette Cols: 64, Lines 4, RGB Scale: 8

Then some hotkeys that are handy: [ select previous color, ] select next color, ` pick color

This gets a good way towards setting up sort of like ANSI but with higher definition.


@bryface, grafx2 works. You need to hold CTRL and then arrows move the cursor. While holding CTRL press SPACE for left click. While holding SHIFT press SPACE for right click.

Again, just found the forum and I hope this isn't too spammy. Anyway really like the forum. Looking forward to hanging out with you guys.

In this video I check out the SOCAL Labs 8-bit Treat VST plug-ins released by Tracktion developers. These plug-ins are available in 32 and 64 bit and as AU, VST, and Linux VST.

I play demos on some famous video game MIDI files and then examine each plugin in depth.

Quite quirky but definitely some good stuff here, esp. for chip junkies smile

Check out the plug-ins here:

(You have to give them your email and stuff to get them)

Emulates hardware of Nintendo Gameboy.
2 Square wave channels.
Sweeps on first square wave channel.
1 Noise channel.

Emulates Ricoh 2A03 of the NTSC Nintendo Entertainment System.
2 Square wave channels.
1 Triangle wave channel.
1 Noise channel.

Emulates MOS Technology SID of the Commodore 64.
3 Oscillators.
4 wave shapes: Square, Triangle, Saw, Noise.
ADSR per oscillator.
Ring modulation (replaces triangle output) and hard sync between oscillators.
HP, BP, LP filters.

Emulates Texas Instruments SN76489 of the Sega Master System and other consoles.
3 Square wave channels.
3 Note polyphony.
1 Noise channel with 2 types.

I just found this forum. I think I'm going to like it here! I hope you guys don't feel like this is spamming, but this video is one I made to highlight some awesome VSTs I really love:


01:30 BiT BOX
06:45 KarmaFX Reverb
07:10 ymVST
23:45 Kraken
27:45 Medusa2
34:40 HY-Lofi

Demo tune inspired by Crawl by Powerhoof:

Soundcloud song (more than in video) here: … hip-sounds

@bryface, I am also questing for a keyboard driven pixel art editor.

Did you get grafx2 to work this way? I'm going to try that. I adore grafx2 but don't use it as much as other offerings that are easier to futz with these days.

One thing I was considering, ANY program can be keyboard driven with the accessibility options in windows called Mousekeys? I think you can move the cursor by individual pixels, and then there is left click and right click keys you can use too. This would allow any existing software to do it. Granted it's not going to be like our old trust ANSI editors smile

That said, I did find something kind of in-between called teletext, and here is an editor for windows:

I'm quite fond of this editor. It lets you plot teletext using keyboard, just like our ANSI - the reason I mention is because while we don't have access to the full pixel palette of colors, the minimalism will force creativity.

I share this example screenshot:

(and yes before you ask, that's a sloth smile)

Also you probably already know this, but PabloDraw is an excellent windows ANSI editor that will let you use any colors you want, if you save in XBin mode.

Text Formats: ANSI, ANSI/24, ASCII, ADF, Avatar, BIN, CG, IDF, Tundra, CtrlA, XBIN, Animated ANSI
Vector Formats: RIPscrip

Also not to spam the entire thread, but this is an example of me using pablo recently (as well as some modern techniques) perhaps you might enjoy this: