I realized after asking that you already have DIN MIDI working on another MCU, so I doubt you're doing anything wrong. I noticed in the main arduino sketch that "teensy usb midi is supported" and your LEDs work, so all of that is correct. I really don't know whats wrong. Could you possibly try another software or even computer, maybe with windows?

That does look right. Maybe it is on the PC side after all. What MIDI channels are you sending?

The original code doesn't listen for USB MIDI, only din MIDI but I'm sure theres a usb code floating around. Try googling teensyboy.


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Quarantine got you salty?


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It looks like a great page until you open one of the programs. xD Virtually unusable on modern hardware in spite of them all having x64 installers. egr is right about demoscene trackers in that these were all designed to run on a 640x480 monitor. OpenMPT does look like the best option though. I'll look at that one next.


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What trackers can output MOD files? I'm playing with GB studio and it only accepts MOD files.

https://www.taydaelectronics.com/catalo … stripboard

Thats a pretty simple circuit for you to need "the biggest stripboard!" I think you only need about 20 rows, but it is cheap enough to stock up.


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Me too! (in 2019)


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idk what options there are in software.
But my other suggestion is to swap In and Out on one end of your cable. You know how Rx goes to Tx and vice versa.


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Have you tried connecting the ground pin? It is the third pin that is shaded in on the link port drawing, but not labelled.
Connect that to the center pin of your midi cable.


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Make your own. Looks like you can get cheap USB DIY receptacles like this:
https://www.hawkusa.com/manufacturers/p … pwQAvD_BwE

and then salvage the cable from a used GBC/MGB charger.
Try to use a wall charger rather than a computer port to charge it though. Computers will introduce noise.


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Keep up the good work!


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Sounds more nes to me, but that could be virtually anything...


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Those are line-level audio outputs. The small one is for connecting a stereo 3.5mm (1/8in) TRS and the second is for connecting a 6.65mm (1/4in) TRS. The familiar "name" of those jacks is pro-sound.
If you have no idea what you are buying, start with a non-modified gameboy. In fact, why don't you just get the LSDj licence and use an emulator on your computer.


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Excellent. Here is a list of CC values for mgb if you want to get started adding them to the N&V code: