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One of analogue's biggest selling points for this "pocket" is built in nanoloop.

This is the power board:
https://gbhwdb.gekkio.fi/static/dmg/GM1 … d_back.jpg

Did you say the LCD "does" or doesn't" work on another gameboy.

Played this last night. Pretty damn legit.


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Ampact wrote:

Possibly get one from catskull?

Yeah, NanoVoice is a ROM option here:

Not sure if its just a demo or if the author released the full ROM itself.

herr_prof wrote:

wowza what a lineup

I'll say.

In that case, the program is here:
http://reinerziegler.de.mirrors.gg8.se/ … %20systems

Im not familiar with Low-Gain's cart. Whats it look like?


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The shafts look knurled, so Im sure you could add some knobs of your choice.

specs please! big_smile

What CPU revision is it? It says just below the cart connector, between the battery contacts.
You can read this through the battery compartment if you already put it back together.


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No, the DMG is fine. The cable is bridging the 4th pin in the link port to something which disables the dpad.
It is a function of the dmg to have this pin controlled over the link port, but I can't think of any official or even homebrew application that utilizes it. Whatever cable you've bought must for some reason have this wire present.


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When you put pressure on the link port? It must be link port pin 4 which connects to the CPU's P14. This directly controls the dpad inputs:

Your link cable must be connecting this pin to something it shouldn't be. I suggest actually removing the wire on pin 4 from your cables if it is present. Can you open one of your cables and find out?

Doesn't sound like a bug, sound more like the data registers within the cpu are broken. Maybe it took a zap or something.

Im still curious thuogh. Can we get a video with sound and a pic of the CPU's pcb?

I think nitro may have a ROM which displays written and read registers on screen. Might be worth looking into.


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little-scale wrote:

What are you writing?

Sonic fan fiction


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