Hi everybody,

Hope that I could use some of your knowledge for this.
I’ve spent some time searching for existing topics about this in the forum but couldn’t find anything.
Also it seems that nothing even pops up on google on this topic! Don’t know why I can’t find any specific info/review about the Korg Mini KP2_S_, but only about the Mini KP2. Not sure if they are exactly the same...

I am trying to understand if Mini KP2S has these exact features:

1) I know that the “S” stands for “sampler” but what does that exactly include? I am not interested in loading samples from the SD card.
I want to know if I can record and loop samples from the audio input, like the KP3 does. I would like to use it for transitions between songs.

2) I see it has a mic input. If I use the mic input, will that exclude the other audio input? Like in the KP3, when you use the switch to choose between the two audio sources?
Or can I use mic input and audio input at the same time?

Hope that somebody will reply to this!

Thank you