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A couple days, but it's probably something else causing this

Mine used to do that and iirc I had to charge it for an extremely long time

This awesome! I love Activate so much


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I tweaked it up and now the chords are super competent! They start at 1:09

OOoooooh so this is why God stays in heaven

Everyone that can go better go for all of us who can't

Can't believe I missed that! Here it is!

Yo so it totally works and it's pretty decent!
Here's the demo
Sadly I have exams on right now so I couldn't put as much time into it as I wanted to, but I'll definitely explore the concept again in more depth once they're over.

There's some buzz each time they're looped because I didn't sample an exact loop of the chord because I didn't think they'd fit in the Kit space
But I just realised I could have placed the chords across different kits instead of fitting them all into one, meaning they could be larger in size and length. The buzz becomes less noticeable once drums and bass are added anyway.

I would love to upload the LSDNG file but it would be useless since the Kitchords are stored on the .gb file, and uploading that would be releasing LSDJ for free online, so if you want to poke around the song, send me a message proving you paid for LSDJ and I'll DM it to you.

I'll put a demo out using the concept later today

For the length issue couldn't you cut the samples to only include the sustain section of the chord, that way the volume wouldn't change and you'd be able to perfectly loop the chord sample? If you wanted the chord to last for 4 beats you'd just paste the chord sample over and over again in the phrase. Thanks for the link, that was really helpful.
I'm gonna test it out and see how it sounds

LSDJ's wav channel allows sample kits to be used, normally for drums. It's possible to store about 2 seconds worth of audio in a sample kit.
My question is - Is it feasibly possible to store chords as samples?

If a song requires complex polyphony, you could have all chords be stored as short samples that you can loop, and have melody and bass be played on the pulse channels.