So I seem to be right into thinking that most people don’t use a vst for chiptune in renoise? I don’t even know how to create those sounds. Like I understand that I should draw a shape in the sample editor but not how to draw a specific sound if that makes sense.

So I have tried trackers before but I always fail with learning them because I come from a modern DAW I guess.

I have reached quite a good level in my modern DAW when it comes to my other genre that I’m into.

Anyways to me Renoise looks the best so I have decided to learn it for chiptune. Only problem is I don’t know how to make the sounds at all. I have tried loading a VST but then all the effects commands doesn’t seem to work and I guess it’s because it’s a VST.

So my guess is that people that make chiptune in Renoise create the sound inside Renoise as a native sound so all the effect commands work.

Am I right? And if I am how do I make these sounds?


Hey everyone!

I have made a chiptune/fakebit track in Fl Studio with magical 8 bit, famisynth and nes vst.

Click on the link, take the track Last Attack for a spin and give me feedback.