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I was thinking of adding some pedals/effects to my mixer.
Im not keen on adding loads, perhaps 3 at most.

My main uncertainty is would it be worth getting a compressor pedal?
The Cal76 seems to get good reviews... Anyone use this?
https://origineffects.com/product/cali7 … ct-deluxe/

If I was to opt for something like the Elektron Heat MK2 instead, would that make the benefit for a compressor redundant?

Has anyone used the Teil1? Any thoughts?

Ive read good things about the Emperor Reverb pedal, its something I was considering. Any thoughts on this?

Any good pedal or effects units that pair with DMGs really nicely, that one could recommend.

Thank you.

13 would be immense if possible smile

Edit ; Sent DM with my email.



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I came a across this youtube video;

Any idea who he is? I would like to see more of his performances.



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Can anyone recommend me a mixer for the following hardware, im a bit unsure how barebones it needs to be concidering the other hardware involved;

2x DMG with LSDJ
Kaoss Pad,
Analog heat