You may have missed these. FM-YAM features the OPL2 (YM3812). 300 cartridges have been sold so far.

A piece on the timing of programming the chip from the C64: … ite-timing



You can use Edlib to compose music (DOS) and then play the D00 files on a C64.

Check out also the combination of SID+MIDI+OPL2: … 2&t=0s


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In 2016 I uploaded over 50.000 SID tunes, recorded from real hardware (Stone Oak Valley SID Collection) to single YouTube videos, called the Unepic Stoned High SID Collection. From then on we recorded newly released tunes prospectively, and the channel evolved to the Unepic SID Channel. 

If you wish to keep track of all the released C64 music in a year, be sure to go to the channel smile … tF-3J1N2cw

In 2017, 429 tunes were uploaded, this year we are at almost the same number, and may actually exceed the previous year! The C64 music scene is alive and kicking!

There's also the FB page:

Hi everyone,

I just thought I'd pop in and tell you about our FM-YAM cartridge. The FM-YAM is a sound expansion for the C64, with YM3812 on board, build to be compatible to the SFX Sound Expander.

We have released the second batch earlier this year, with over 220 units sold world wide to date. I've worked hard to keep the price at an affordable range, to 38 euros.

The unit is aimed at mixing the SID (via audio in on the cart) with the FM sound output (via audio out on the cart).

Here are some showcases:

Ed in his Lib, Jammer's new tune, released at X2018, composed in Edlib and Goattracker:
Odie FM, a small collection of FM tunes, by Odie, using his new player:
FM-YAM Music Demo Casu Quo, my cover of an old tune of mine, to test the balance of SID and FM: …
Vibrants FM, using the Edlib Player I coded for the C64:
Sid Fishes, 13 channels of music (9 FM, 3 SID and 1 extra DIGI SID):

In terms of trackers, you can use Edlib for DOS by JCH, since I wrote a D00 (Edlib files) player for the C64. Currently, Odie is working on a new Windows-based FM music editor for FM-YAM as well.

Should you be interested, I still have a few extra cartridges left. smile