How are people? I'm doing the 21daysofvgm challenge of Video game music Academy. 21 days of chiptunes and milkytracker. If anyone is interested in the proposal, I invite you to listen to the compositions that I am presenting every day (oriented to videogames). Obviously, as time is tight, I focus all my energies on the composition and production is relegated to the background. Thank you !

Some Examples: … 2019-day-8 … 019-day-16 … 019-day-14 … 2019-day-3


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Hi, this is a Funk Track i compose with "MilkyTracker". I thank you in advance for any criticism. It is not an attempt to emulate any particular console, but to invoke sonorities close to 16 bits. All the mix was made in the Tracker, DAW was only used for the "fade out" after the loop. big_smile

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