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I just installed a frontlight from HandHeldLegend the other day, I used the resistor and did a clean soldering job.
Closed her up and I've been making music on the go these last 4 days, I was on holiday and enjoying LSDJ on flights.

And then suddely, it died on me, it powered off in my hands and won't power back on, as if it's run out of batteries but when I exchange them for new ones it's completely dead.

I'm using an original everdrive x5 and the frontlight mod.

Anybody got any idea what happened? Does the cart + light cause too much strain on the console?

It's back!

My save fíes keep corrupting pretty easily, I put them all in the save folder and boot up the rom and they seem to work, now after once or twice of powering down the console and loading the rom I get errors loading songs.

Since LSDSNG doesn't work lately and you can't create new accounts I was wondering if any old user would change his account's (or maybe secondary account) password and share it with the forum.

I made a post about the site not working and the error seem to date back to a few years back.


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Please share if you find a way in


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When I try to register I get the following error

Must only be a problem when registering, it seems like it¡s been going on for a year or so now


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Did you get in? I'm having this problem too