Have thanks for this list!! Cool work!!


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That's for sure, right. Beside the emulator you can run Doom on it. So there is a way to flash more than just the GoPlay-emulator on the odroid go.

There is a guy who do several things for the odroid go:


Perhaps he has a clue if it's possible. I will contact him later that day.


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Hay there,

I'm trying to convince LSDJ to make sounds.
What do you mean with piggy?

Edit: Ah, LittleGPTracker. Can't find anything in relation to Odroid Go. Don't know how to flash it...



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Hay there,

yes I own one for just this purpose.
I bought me a DAC Hat from thebackofficeshow.com
but unfortunately it doesn't work.

I'm testing around in the moment to get this thing working.

But without the Hat it works just fine.