I have downloaded v0.8.1 and I'm using Windows 10 Pro v1903

Though I'm using an audio track ripped from a CD, it's basically a sound bite from Pulp Fiction which you can see the exact ~14-second clip on this YouTube video starting at 1:49, https://youtu.be/PvMxbRCBalk?t=109

I took the audio into Adobe Audition and compressed it so all the peaks are nearly clipped. I then saved the file as a mono 96kHz 8bit WAV. I ran it through your tool and I got a file with 768 8-bit values. I haven't written the code yet to play back the file, so before I try to make it work I wanted to ask if this sounded correct. I was expecting many times that number. I tried it again but using Audacity, and saved it as a mono 44.1kHz 8-bit unsigned WAV. Your tool produced a file now with only 681 bytes.