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rOooo That's an awesome idea!

All the hugs to Mr hotlinksky tho cus he's the only coder on this project


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There's been a lot of rumbling lately about LSDJ Keyboard over on the facebook group over the last few days.. And today; There's been a pretty exciting development!

Developer Johan Kotlinski has uploaded version 8.2.3 Which aims to improve input reliability; as well as enabling the ability to pre-listen to notes played on the keyboard without the sequencer running.

He's also requesting feedback on his idea for a new keyboard layout!

Head over to the facebook group to join the discussion!

There's now also a budding reddit community over at

egr wrote:

Are you using the ROM that you pulled from the cart in the emulator as well? Try downloading a new copy of LSDJ and load your sav into that in the emulator. If that fixes the problem then you can reflash the rom and sav onto the cart and you should be good. If its actually the sav that's corrupted then you'll next help from somebody like nitro2k01.

Pretty sure i was using the same ROM.

I'll get a fresh one to test with and update you tonight after work.

Orgia Mode wrote:

That does seem scary. Do you have another gambeoy to test the cart on?
Graphical glitches first make me think VRAM, but the glitches are incorrect sprites, not corrupted data. And besides, the VRAM has to be perfect or else the ROM won't boot. (the logo is loaded into vram, then read back to check)
So maybe there is a problem with the cart or cart RAM. I would be worried for your songs too. Can you find someone who can back up your SRAM to PC for you? What cart do you have?

I only have the one cart; it's an EVERDRIVE X5.

I was able to copy the .SRM file off of it on to my PC, when i run it in an emulator i get the same issues.

Here's a screenshot of the screen i get when i try to load one of my songs

Now that i have the .SRAM off the cart; whats the next step? is there anything i can do? ultimately i'd like to recover all my projects if possible.

Hi! first post.

I've been learning LSDJ for about a month or so and this is my first time encountering any issues; feeling kind of lost on the matter as i haven't been able to find any information on anything resembling whats going on with my save file.

upon booting up the rom my song screen is empty and certain graphics don't appear as they usually would
((pictured here

Navigating up to the main menu the graphical errors continue and a large portion of the screen is covered in garbled text
(pictured here

Going from here to the files screen still shows all my project files listed but trying to load them results in a "Failed to load!" Message popping up.

Anybody have any idea whats going on here? I would really appreciate any insights or advice.

It's pretty scary to think all the songs i've been working on might be doomed l o l

Out of curiosity; Why not just take over the LSDJ redddit?