Jellica wrote:

FM synthesis can be pretty confusing. You could start with a system that uses some variation of subtractive synthesis with simple waveforms - sawtooth, sine, triangle, pulse, noise.

If you really want those FM feelings you could always use a sample based tracker, otherwise just experiment with the preset sounds.

At the moment i´m studyng the FM Synthesis, it´s really complicated but i love this and i´ll learn

ryba wrote:

Learning some basic theory of sound synthesis and synthesizers is good starting point... Lear about basic waveforms (sawtooth, sine, triangle, pulse, noise), envelopes and filters (not so usefull in chipmusic).

That is the name !  Sound synthesis ! Thanks man

martin_demsky wrote:

Welcome here Garcia, i can help you in specific questions, if you have musical theory knowledge then you will learn all those things quickly from endless web tutorials or youtube videos.

According to that picture, i see you are starting in Deflemask, this is good starting point, make some patterns, keep it playing and modify parameters of instruments, you will hear what is going on, generally in fm synthesis is all about carriers and modulator, higher TL (total level) or MULTI, is harder modulation (more noisy sound). Also in Deflemask is a lot of presets so you will learn what setting is good for example for bassdrum, second most important thing in chiptune is also arpeggio (quickly played chords) because it occupy only one channel (e.g. 037 minor chord, 047 major, you can count it easily looking at keyboard from base note).


P.S.: Here is quick tutorial, it takes probably 5 minutes to read … troduction

Thanks a lot dude ! i´ll see this tutorial and search more about this stuff

This tutorial will help me a lot

Thanks for expend your time to explain me

I really love chiptune music and i have a good musical theory knowlage, but i really don´t understand nothing about waveforms, AM, FM, PSG, PCM, modulators, oscilators and this stuff

I have a experience with DAWs but i really like use Trackers to make chiptune music and sometimes Trackers requisites this knowledges from me and i dont´t even know where i find things of this subject matter to learn about this

My questions is, what i need to study to understand about this subject matter ? where i found material about this stuff ? this is sound engineering ? (images to see a little bit of what i´m talking about)

Sorry my poor english smile