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I'm selling my Low-Gain LSDJMC2 - MIDI GB over on eBay, in case anyone is interested. Probably needs no introduction, so some basic info: This little box allows you to sync your Gameboy (Classic DMG, Lite or Color) to your MIDI rig to expand your chipmusic horizon. It has MIDI In, Out and a Thru. It follows the FirestARTer protocols as used in Littlesound DJ, so this means you can do MIDI Sync, or simply use the Gameboy as a MIDI sound module. Selling edition #100 (see picture of certificate)



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In case anyone is looking for a Nanoloop 1.5 cartridge, I am selling mine: https://www.ebay.com/itm/Nanoloop-1-5-G … 3956750226