Oh Wow! thanks for the reply and the information. This gives me enough info to look for when I have the GB. The site you posted I take it they must send to the UK ? which is where I'm based. As I have seen other people recommending this site before.

I'm going to go and check out some charity shops and thrift shop over the weekend to see if I can find any DMG's or other GameBoys.
I will have a look online for an IPS screen and prosound mods smile

Thanks for the reply and information. At the moment I'm running Linux on my laptop and have retro Arch installed with GB Gambatte on to test LSDJ. I think this is the best way, try before buy.
I have a couple of questions when coming to modding GB DMG. Is there any mods you should do, or parts to look for that need to be installed or have been installed.

I'm just wondering if there are any mods that people who make chiptunes do that people who just play games do that we wont do?
If I buy something on Ebay later on or from a second hand shop in my local area I want to know what to look for.


Hey just started making music on Milkytracker and decided to descend into the rabbit hole.

Hopefully looking for a GB DMG as that is what most people are recommending online. I have also seen videos or people playing on GBA SP.

Hopefully someone can point me in the right direction smile