cool.  will do. Ill try to check it out this weekend

Please do. Last time that i checked, all the links on the japanese site were no longer working.

btw, the parts on mine is exactly the same as on the japanese schematic.

neologix wrote:

Re amplifier - would it connect directly to the 3 OUT and 4 OUT of the op-amp or does it need to be after the capacitor like the stereo jack?

Re line out - wouldn't the existing stereo jack and circuit work for line out or would I need a different jack and circuit?

yeah, just use the lone out jacks... wasnt sure if you were keeping them.

Id connect the amp right at the jack, after the caps.

ruizer wrote:

Hello everyone, I'm starting my YM2151 + Arduino world and I really like this forum. I'm trying to build a PCB based on the Arduino Pro MINI as suggested. However, I did not find the parts list complete. In one of the images available, has almost everything, but some resistors and capacitors are missing, can they help?

Moi?   Ill try to check my github soon.  apparently there is at least one other error with the stuff i posted.

Great.   You should post your final schematic and code.

You will prob want an amplifier of some kind to drive a speaker (effectively).   Personally, Id have at least a line out jack on there too, for  if you every wanted to record or perform/play at any volume


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try denatured or rubbing alcohol.    Simple Green is also effective at removing paint.

Amplified output.     Dont think the op amp has enough oomph to drive headphones....  but it sounds like you potentially have other issues.

if the scratches arent deep, perhaps they can be buffed out.    Try to find  some kind of glass polishing product ( maybe at an auto store, for windshields ), a soft cloth and some patience.

well to start,  youll need to hook it up to an amplified speaker.    It sounds like you said that you have an led on the output... In not so sure that it will flash w/ output the way that you are expecting.   beyond that, the issue could be anywhere, hardware..... both?  Thats why Id reccomend sticking to a known entity- verified code to test your hardware setup... then experiment on code with verified hardware.  Beyond that, I dont think that I can help.    sorry

I dont even know where to begin...
I think that you'd be better off by building the YM/arduino synth as-is (using a standard midi keyboard for testing); then build a  midi controller  w/ the toy keyboard and using a separate arduino .   Then when both are working, you can attempt to merge the two the sketches to run on on a single arduino.... but by then you might realize that there is no need-   even the cheapest midi controller will have a better keybed than the CVS toy.

Was nothing- thank you for all your effort on this project.

I just sent you my version w/ master volume.

oh and  feel free to email me any updates that you need tested.   Happy to help.

garvalf wrote:
Charbot wrote:

oh, btw.... I designed/built a hardware knobby controller for the YM2151, but Ive been lazy with the documentation

wow that's amazing! Will you make a video of it in action?

I plan to

masl wrote:

Please try these three things and tell me which ones work?

Try to send a sysex with some other tool (e.g. Midiox) to the Arduino. Does the Tuning Change?:
      Use this Pattern: f0 4d 54 [Value] f7
      Where [Value] is something between 00 and 7f

Try to connect "The Control App" -> "Virtual Midi Port" -> "midiOx". Can you see the Sysex Messages?
       Follow this Tutorial on how to use MidiOx: … Controller

Try to use an older Version of the Arduino IDE (Version 1.6.8 because i know this works, because I tested)

Btw: Which OS and which Version of Java do you use?

Ok-     I used hexfiend and Sysex Librarian, respectively, to write and send the sysex  tune message.   Totally works.   The issue is with the Java controller.  Mine want a master tune value of 00..   strange that there is that much of a discrepancy between mine and yours.   

Im using a mac w/ osx 10.11.6.    java.... not sure what is going on here...    Jar Launcher 15.0.1  is what is the default option to open,
  MainJFrame Java 1.0 is what is running when the app is open.

oh, btw.... I designed/built a hardware knobby controller for the YM2151, but Ive been lazy with the documentation

It uses a teensy 2.0.  All parameters have a pot or switch.  (w/ an extra in the bottom right corner... hoping for glide eventually)
Some features:
  *DIN IN and USB Midi IN/OUT
  *(More or less) Euro Rack sized.   As is, can be squeezed  into a rack if the mount tabs are thin.   Ill try to shave it down a little in future revisions
  *Assignable velocity (and eventually aftertouch) 
  *OLED Screen to display Alogorithm, LFO wave, preset #, midi channel, velocity destinations, etc
  *can store over 255 presets. Im using an adafruit FRAM breakout w/ 32K of nonvolotile memory and over a rillion write cycles.
  *...and  can load and save patches for Masl's Java based Controller App.  (Would be cool to get them talking both ways- being able to upload       
    patches from the hardware editor to the software one, functioning as a patch editor.)

Right now it is just a DIY er.   The boards are home etch-able,  However there is some surface mounted components.    The entire circuit is composed of 7 different boards, 6 of which have a SOP mux chip.    (Thinking of just using the actual FRAM chip instead of the adafruit breakout, so ultimately there will be a 7th surfave mounted part.) Not 'hard' , but maybe not for the novice.   Ill post the layouts and code on github eventually.   ...perhaps consider making/ offering boards in kit form where the all the surface mount stuff is already done

parts are about $100

Pm me w/ your email and I'll send you my version with volume back in.

Im using Arduino 1.8.1. w/ the latest controller software and arduino firmware.   (downloaded it last night.)      Controller app is fully connected;  I can send note commands, load patches, change parameters, etc.   
It appears that the java controller is not sending sysex master tune info.    Im using a MOTU ultralite mk3 interface and have never had an isssue sending sysex messages before.  In fact, I did it yesterday to another synth.   On this interface, when any kind of midi messages are being  routed, either in or out, the screen displays a "M".     Not seeing this when I set (and enter) the master tune parameter.    I also tried it with your 'stock' 1.6.9  (no volume stuff).

I dont get why it would be 4 semitones off either.   (Im using a boss tuner,   and everything is always dead-on-the-note, being off in solid 100 cent steps.      +64  should just be be just one semi tone up, right?