I kinda killed my old youtube account that video was hosted on.
So I've re-uploaded it, here's the updated link for prosperity ... old link in thread is defunct. soz

First and Last [meta]


slap your troubles away!!!

my youtube subscription feed makes me depressed.

Gotta detox from the algorithm! or stop completely...

Now, this crazy video smile The fact that it got pulled by the bots, is kind of hilarious.

Thanks for posting

Have you mirrored the video anywhere?, I legitimately wanna see how you tripped the bots ...

Darkweb hosting? / Encrypt it?


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GG Tiasu big_smile !
Even if it is the fakebits! It's up there with the Ultrasyd levels of awesome!

it has much dance


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I just got mine, it rawx!
Thanks luftek!

here, have another video showing how awesome it is! smile
- http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ye7kVjKH … e=youtu.be

Oh wait, never mind! you got JSON, i can dig. big_smile
[email protected]:/home/aday/py/lsdj-utils/lsdj-sav-utils-master/out/NYAN# cat phrase_00.json
{"notes": [40, 41, 43, 0, 48, 0, 41, 40, 41, 43, 48, 52, 53, 52, 47, 48]}

that's freaking cool!

* > to XML
and then,
XML > LSDJ.sav/LSDJ.lsdsng again, nom nom.

If you missed Soundbytes 11 last week, NEVER PJ33R
http://aday.net.au/?q=node/5 <-- all on tape/and/ogg'ed and finally online

Thanks SoundBytes crew you rock world smile

Subway Sonicbeat wrote:

Nice, waiting for the recorded footage! (Is it on those links now?)

Yep,  http://www.justin.tv/aday_net_au/b/319398081 in three parts (but horrible low quality for now)
*EDIT* (Justin.TV links now defucnt) (High qualiy versions online from http://aday.net.au/?q=node/5 )

So I'll encode/upload the higher quality version's this week ...  *Edit* *done*
The sound and video will be way way WAY *edit* *IS IS* better than the streams quality naturally.. and the volume levels will be more consistant.
Will post update here when done smile *edit* *posted!*

Ok, sleep time *edit* Nah! Its 12:30in the afternoon, wake up time!

Cheers dude.
Now its MaddestKingsAlive, before he, it was df0:bad

I'm recording this to a PVR both HD video and audio (in theory)
Derris Singing was an epic timeless masterpeice !

Hrmm, ill restart the stream


ooh, lucky i read that last post, was about to restart,
DIDNT restart wink

hows it sounding now?
theres a hair-line between the fader on the soundboard and the stream

Just in time too, Its gabba on

akira^8GB -- how about now? i got soundguy to ajust


Actually, were streaming at http://www.justin.tv/aday_net_au#/w/3139893072/2

enjoy smile