Fun seeing a bunch of names here haven’t seen in a while..

This year I played a show at a festival in Tokyo, helped co-run a festival in Melbourne, recorded a new EP (forthcoming) and attended monthly Chiptune meetups on my city..

Throughout that time I barely interacted with an online international “scene” but did have a chance to have some big conversations with some people who have been on this for a long time..

Basically my current state of being is do what you like doing and surround yourself with people who you enjoy the company and creativity of.. organise more shows that aren’t chiptune for the sake of chiptune but shows that are good diverse lineups of talented people.. and fuck videogames


Have an original launchpad, Mega Drive II a few different arduinos, willing to buy a flashcart to get on board with this!

Super excited with the concept


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I got this guy on its way to me

Also obviously Radio Graffiti does lots of Vinyl releases

Derris-Kharlan wrote:

Holy fuck they actually stole Lazernipples LOL

Yeah I think the joke is on them really

Just another Mac User wanting in on this action





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just needed to say this is amazing


Calavera did this amazing shoop … h-Gameboys

I think this picture describes what is happening right??

Great Job internet research squad!!

Great seeing that mix get a lot of exposure as well bunch of Chip bros getting more attention

This is on Friday and after PAX I am even more excited!!

.... Extends Japan trip to go to Philly as well...

In dreams

lol.. btw just got the email you sent to the show.. which I am a host on ... LOL

we are going on Hiatus so can't do a Stockwave show yet.. maybe when we get back on the air

If I had time I might actually be involved