Hey gang,
I just wanted to let you about a project I finished earlier this summer.

Nothing quite so sophisticated as Lightwall, and slightly patchier than Glitchnes, but ultimately, I wanted to make my own, new NES visuals. I initially sought to create a new glitch program, which happened(!!), but they also turned more into either wry jokes, visual pieces, and stand-alone but still slightly playable. For someone with no programming experience, I'm pretty proud to have actually written custom NES programs that run, and to have made a fresh glitch program for sets.

Regardless, I figured I would share with the rest of the community, figured someone might get some use out of them....

Head here for more info and downloads: http://greyscreen.tumblr.com/post/66315 … ck-project


Why does Mario cointinue to futilely chase after a woman who would clearly rather be kidnapped than be with him? Toad wonders this very thing, and gives Mario some much needed real talk.


I originally intended to do a series of NES landscapes, a set of still lifes. But the interactivity of the controller demanded its use. User controls the snowfalls, and allowing for the snow to pile up into a decay of sprites.


Directed at the disembodied surviving wolf, post-apocalyptic encouragement scrolls across the black landscape. Courage for the young dires.

Here's a youtube video sample of the REAL TALK MARIO rom runnings: http://youtu.be/FkK3wKjpxuc

Both of my albums are on cassette. Here's the most recent. http://revolutionwinter.storenvy.com/pr … -thrillogy

I definitely suggest doing it. just having something pysical and tangible goes a long way in making your release "real" to people and even yourself. Even just having something at hte merch table goes a long way. Most cassette companies do runs in 25s. I have a few recomendations for doing cassettes (i run a cassette label and have done 30 release, thus fars) so message me if you need any help.


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Sorry my man - Philadelphia never came through. Havin that other big event two days away made it difficult, I think. We're going to now be hitting Buffalo on the 8th now - Get at me if anyone is in the Buffalo area.


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AND, there's a new tape ready for the tour, just in time!
http://chipmusic.org/forums/topic/6259/ … -cassette/


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from Bart Records:

After multiple sleepless nights attempting to get it ready in time for the tour, Thrillogy is now complete! GreyScreen has easily delivered the most bangin’ tracks he’s whipped out yet, finding that perfect balance between crushing chiptune and the adventurousness of video games past.  Thrillogy has got some pounders, for sure, but it’s got that undeiable fun that it’s impossible to deny for anyone of this Nintendo generation.

The tape come in a two-colour print for you fetishists, with a beauty pixel moose cover done by a good pal. The cassette also contains The Walking Moon, the as-yet-unreleased EP, which was supposed to have been released last year as a cd/lathe - kindly added for you on the B side. We wanted to make sure you got all the GreyScreen you could handle.

Just go to the GreySceen bandcamp and get the digital album:

And if you want the tape, get one at the Bart Records online store:

If you’re wondering about the tour, check it here:
http://chipmusic.org/forums/topic/6149/ … march-311/


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Montreal has been moved to the 10th.


Date added for London, Ontario!

Shoot - I didn't see this until now - I would have loved to have made it happen. Get at me next time you're up!

Thurs Feb 29 - Calgary
@ Broken City
w/ IILS;YLS, Hunter Gatherer

Friday March 2 - London, ON
@ Castledrum
w/  Bocce, itsagamble!
http://londonfuse.ca/event/bocce-itsaga … cial-guest

Saturday March 3 - Toronto
@ Polyhaus

Sunday March 4 - Detroit (Ann Arbor)
@ Vault of Midnight's Ultralounge
w/ - Snesei, Pikoboy, barbecue, DJ Cactus, Nikola, Little-Mack, Vicki

Monday March 5 - Cinncinati

Wednesday March 7 - PIttsburgh
@ Fe Gallery
w/ Fogged Out, THOMAS, Feel Alright

Thursday March 8 - Philadelphia

Saturday March 10 - Montreal
@ Nacho Libre
w/ SinFM, Gerascophobia, Pocaille, XC3N + HEXAWE

Still just waiting on a couple of venues to give the 100%, but you can count on me being there. Also, I'd love to fill in an Ohio date on the 6th. What I had fell through. So, house party, wedding, whatever. If you have an outlet, let's make it happen. Can't wait to meet all of you!



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Here's a little game a friend of mine put together for an art show. Basically, it's intended as a jokey ironic anti-capitalist nes game, starring a culture jamming mouse that ends up... well, just give it a try and you'll see.

The controls are SHIFT for jump and the arrow keys for the directions - that's about it. Just give it all a few seconds for the game/music to load up properly.

I wish I could lay claim to the game, but I provided the soundtrack for it - if you dig it, you can get it all here:

Thought you guys might get a kick out of it, and my putting it up here makes it "official".

If anyone is active in Alberta - please be sure to come to these shows and get some camradere ON ~!~


THOMAS (Toronto, ON)
file-under: Smoov Operator
why we love them: http://weirdcanada.com/2009/09/thomas/

GreyScreen (Calgary, AB)
file-under: Kid Icarus
why we love them: http://weirdcanada.com/2009/12/review-g … rmastruct/

Ghibli (Edmonton, AB)
file-under: Trim wave
why we love them: http://ghibli.bandcamp.com/



Is he a rock god? Is he a disco diva? Is he a soulful crooner? Yeah - he's probably all those things - and he came all the way from Toronto to unleash it on us.

Your local Gameboy masher/wizard continues to rip through chiptune jammers like there's no tomorrow (and if videogames teach us anything, there's probably isn't) - He doesn't make music, he makes adventures.

::Monroeville Music Center::
I don't really understand this Craig Storm character: he makes some of the oddest music - he somehow manages to make organs sound woozy and ill and playing somewhere in the realm of things ripped from ZX Spectrum games or deteriorated Bollywood soundtrack cassettes. The best!