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Now up on spotify and also here's a youtube video


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This is hecking good


A bunch of songs on which I spent far too much time.
I've been messing around with tracker music for nearly 20 years but this is my first and probably last publicly released collection of tunes.
I hope it can be of joy and interest to some.
Take care

(.xm files included in the bandcamp download)

Photoshop all the way down. Except the dust overlay which I scanned myself tongue


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It's pretty much completed. Only awaiting approval on more services before a proper website release with artwork and stuff.


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Couldn't find an appropriate thread, just kinda wanted to show this off somewhere


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This isn't exactly pixel art as such but I wanted to show it off and I don't know where else

Also, does nature count?


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More things for Run 'n Pun


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I thought this thread was for showing off our own works.


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A thing for a thing. WIP I guess.


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http://threeframes.net/ (nsfw sometimes)

But that's still just a slightly modified Nintendo design. You're in the exact same situation with that.

If it's only for yourself you definitely won't get into trouble. If you're selling them to others at a small scale you're still very unlikely to get into any trouble.
You're technically not allowed to but nothing will realistically stop you.

That said: if you're using this as something to represent you as an artist, something a bit more original would probably be more fun?

It's got some issues (too little art visible on the front page. No way to link directly to someone's gallery. Hall of Fame apparently being based on total rating scores, as there are so many pieces in there that aren't particularly good, just really old) but overall it's a really nice site for showing your work and finding great pixel art.
Pretty good community too.

Some demosceners apparently got scared away because of the strict/strange definition of pixel art they used to have.

And of course Pixelation is better for learning.