ahhh this is so good! "low tide" is so beautiful i want to make songs like that!! heart


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AHHHH two of my favorites! i love you fighter x and usk!!! big_smile


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aww thanks guys! i'm glad some people downlaoded big_smile

i know i should do more exciting stuff, i decided to just do three channels (i'm not that good yet, but i'm working on my wav channel)
but i'm trying to get good like everyone else on here! thanks again smileheart


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ahhhh this is amazing!! bet its killer live big_smile:D:D

oh i love amen breaks! my friend (this boy tee hee) just gave me hrvatski, he's so amazing big_smile


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yayyy my first E.P.! big_smile
i wrote and recorded this all last afternoon, it's about a day i had in the park with a boy i really like. :]


01 car ride (he picks me up)
02 park afternoon (relaxing in the shade)
03 summer evening (watching the sunset with him)

PLZZZZ tell me what you think, i know it's not great but i'm doing my best! i've been listening to a lot of anamanaguchi and this guy rugar, i think it shows haha ;p

seriously i hope you like it! CHEERSxoxo