Hey, I messaged you on Facebook. Really hoping to geta Dual Polivoks.

There are plenty of emulators, so you have use LSDJ and similar software that runs on the console.

My word that's tempting


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If you want to compose Gameboy tunes that are playable on real hardware take a look at XPMCK.

Interested in NL if you’re in the US


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What sort of eurorack?


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Gonna listen to this all day.

Fwiw, Mania is superb. More like CD than any of the others.


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Please give this proper MIDI support! I've been dying for a proper USB-MIDI tracker so I can hang up the USB-Boy.

Right now I'm using a USB-Boy to interface my DMG with my iPad, would be amazing to have that's built right into the DMG. Streamline my workflow. Following patiently!

Are you using Q commands? Each set of Chains needs a Q00 command at the beginning to send relative Pitch info (The values represent pitch offset). N command sends a static Pitch value (00 is note off), X sends CC values, and Y sends program changes.

I am interested in this as well. I can select midi out mode on both the ArduinoBoy and LSDJ but nothing seems to respond beyond that.


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Is there a reason this is more expensive than buying one brand new from Oliver?  They are still in stock.

Used pkpp-gwj8

The first one has been used up



Hail Satan




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I love Erica Synths.  I added a row to my eurorack so I could expand with the Erica Fusion line.