… live-remix


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maddest kings alive in thornbury for clan analogue mobile show … afe-gummo/

wow … f=mentions

We're back again. The best of Perth bleeps and beats will be joined by frens from across the null.


Tom Foolery And The Family Jewellery is a force to be reckoned with. A master of all things beats and chairman of the mysterious and infamous megacorp Teledildonix. TFATFM has released banging tracks on chip music heavyweight labels CheapBeats, Chiptunes=WIN and Forest, and has made appearances at Sound Bytes, Square Sounds, and Federation Square. You can expect complex melodies and high energy arrangements played live on an original Gameboy DMG. Definitely not to be missed.

Expats Chr5m and Fenris need no introduction as they were a mainstay of the Perth scene for years before Fenris made the journey to the East to spread his teachings. Both accomplished acts on their own, but when their powers combine, they are a powerhouse of weird, wonky, lofi sounds using a collection of electronics such as C64, gameboy advanced and raspberry pi running custom code.

Classic Mistake has been destroying dance floors across Perth for years with their trademark deep and emotive house grooves wrangled from the humble Gameboy Advanced. Fresh back from a triumphant main stage set at this year's Melbourne Square Sounds and a new EP released on japanese label CheapBeats. You can be assured of some good feels and fun times.

Turncoat is still a new act in the Perth chip scene, but their technique is already powerful. Their hectic beats and melodies will have you defecting.

Polite Society has been busy working on their live skills, both experimental and danceable. Their sound tends to be dark and hypnotic, borrowing from industrial, ebm and techno. This will be their first full nanoloop set. … oloop-prac

The Civic Hotel, Inglewood
Friday June 22nd
8-12 | $5 entry | 18+

Chip City - chr15m+fenris, at the Good Shepherd


    29 December at 20:00 to 30 December at 1:00 UTC+08


    The Good Shepherd
    11/663 Newcastle St, Perth, Western Australia 6007


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im playing a show this tuesday at bar open … sher-sweet

du it


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chr15m + fenris , square sounds melbourne 2015


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square sounds melbourne 2015 … me7tZBbZXl

getting ready


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anyone have a lot of experience with this device?
Im having having some issues id like advice on


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looking for a gameboy micro w/charger if poss. cheers. melbourne australia

A gig you may enjoy. we play upon c64s and a gameboy advance

CHRISM & FENRIS are playing because fenris is visiting from MELBOURNE. Alex from TEN SPEED RACER and a bro called Dan are SLEUW PHIRES. Alwyn from BOYS BOYS BOYS subverts the protocol as MIDIMIDIMIDI. Roland is a FAMOUS DJ because TINY CLUB and then you want to dance. Boxing day eve. Bar 459, Rosemount Hotel. DRINK with these FRIENDS. Plasma is the fourth fundamental state of matter. A super hot gas is formed. You feel good.

set times:
8:00: doors open
9:30: Slow Fires
10:30: Chrism + Fenris
Roland the Realest providing the party tunes

$5 entry

boxing day. Bar 459, Rosemount Hotel. cnr angove and fitzgerald st, north perth.