rororororobear! sounds like an awesome show!  One day I'm gonna have to spend my life in Philly.

don't hurt yourself reteris

I wish we could all be there getting drunk and rowdy and watching it together, someone make that happen.

one of my carts died last night... I just lost about 10 minutes of my set and most of one of my remaining carts is mostly L-tron songs hahaha. Fuck.  I will do what I can on the plane... sorry New York.

PixyJunket wrote:

We should throw a show at Schlitterbahn.


Yo, so sort of important question:  The playing space in the Highball seems like it holds a couple hundred people, and last year Data Pop pulled about 800 to 900 people, which I'm assuming with this lineup will be even more.  Are a lot of people not going to get in?  And if so, all you chiptune fans who really want to get in should get there hella-early cause there was a really long line last year.  Not trying to bum anyone out but its something I just thought about.

Luke you'll be missed : (

We'll have to hang out twice as hard (meaning drink twice as much) in Austin!


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I love my dise heart

btw this recording of rough weather is friggn amazing.  Please come to Texas, Josh.  I will give you color television.

I think my favorite part about this set was not being able to move my arms and legs (and basically humping ro-bear for 30 minutes, but who wouldn't want that?)


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@ Reteris: I sort of understand that actually, I love this for private listening and like chipgigs if this was played at one mind. Preference really. ::SHRUGS::

this is actually one of my favorite chip albums, keep it uuuup fraaaaank heart