I'll send you the link to what I have. Just don't go posting it about 'til the music is in. hehe.
I think it could use a better jump sound, and a couple are missing yet.
Any other suggestions are wildly appreciated as well.

Math indeed. I promise.

Even with a gameboy, I'm sure it could be pulled off.
The only part that even some of the greatest fans would recognize is the opening, and rather than try and replicate that part, one could just open with a wav of it ripped straight from the show and continue on with their own brand of awesomeness. big_smile

any format

Hello chip community!

I've recreated the Guardians of Sunshine game featured in the Adventure Time episode by the same name.

See the Ep. here!

The game is essentially completed, but it NEEDS proper background music.  I tried my hand at tracking to very minimal success. So I turn to you pro's for help!

You can hear the direction of the bgm quietly while finn and jake are playing the game and talking.
I try to be a perfectionist in my work, but this really doesn't need to be an exact replica. Just use similar sounds and fit the game.

The game will be non-profit of course, but if it will get the ball rolling here, I would consider paying a bit to the artist that takes this on.

May the blip's and blorp's be with you.