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good music.


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I got mine yesterday. I love it. fetishistically minimalistic and as chip as anything could look.

Oliver actually held mine until the critical error was worked out (thank god, I'm on a mac).


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5 questions

I was taught to approach each track differently, and at the end of the day the most important thing is to make sure each instrument is given it's own space in the mix either through programming, eq, or by moving it in the stereo spread. Whatever gets you to this is acceptable...get creative!!

compressors are usually pretty far down the chain, but for alot of hip-hop producers (on drums and sometimes on samples) it's compressor (around 4 to 1) then eq then compress again.

sometimes it's cool to put a compressor on a send and blend it with the original signal (NY style compression) and you might need to eq before and after to remove what kineticturtle mentioned and to cut out any unintentional reactions with the original signal.

If it's working don't worry about whether or not it's correct.

bleo wrote:


Float around a little, maybe touch the moon, maybe kick a can of Coke out of the line of sight. Almost.....

The Broadcast: http://hexawe.net/hex003A_moonshiner_by_flashbob.mp3
The Soundstage: http://hexawe.net/hex003A_moonshiner_by_flashbob.zip

really inspiring track. I absolutely love those filtered sounding arpeggios. I've listened more than a dozen times since yesterday.