Updated the Kickstarter with a bare bones option.  I realize the pricing on this might still seem high to the average DIY builder, but that was the best we could do with the amount of work/time/resources (not to mention Kickstarter's 10% cut) that went into this project.  I wanted to at least float the option out there for anyone on the fence. 

regarding AC hum, the demo video i posted was recorded directly from the GB out to laptop.  the filter conditions its own power tap and uses the "prosound" audio.  i didnt have any problem with hum using the adapters i will be including with the project.  obviously, some gameboys have had a hard life over the last 20+ years, or poor/faulty adapters - but the units i am using have all been tested.

as Chainsaw Police reposted some points, ill repost my replies here as well.  basically, i conceived of this project (8 years ago: http://launch.groups.yahoo.com/group/lsdj/message/2783) to be an onboard internal filter inside the battery compartment - for use as a performance tool in situations when you are already tethered by a line-out to a mixer/PA/etc.

Apeshit wrote:

Housing the mod in the battery compartment will most definitely deter a lot of people from backing the project. A kit would give the freedom to make breakout boxes and such.

the entire conceptual idea is that it fits in the battery compartment. 

if you want an analog filter with envelope follower in a breakout box, there are a some great schematics resources online for guitar pedals that fit the bill. 

that is not the perview of this project, as such i realize it wont appeal to everyone.  that wasnt my intention.  i had a concept 8 years ago of an onboard analog filter with envelope follower, and that is what we have made. 

however, i do want to support the DIY community - i began building modular synthesizers via DIY kits.  i am doing the math to see if i can offer this as a bare bones.  its still going to be rather more expensive than most DIY folks are used to, as i need to pay royalties for the design and the PCBs are being made here in the USA.  ill have a better idea next week if it is possible.

nitro2k01 wrote:

I take it the actual filter topology is the aforementioned Wasp filter?

its closer to a 303, but not a clone, thats just a generalization on the sound of the resonance to my ear. 

kineticturtle wrote:

Why not just have an online store and sell them outright? As it is, you're basically just saying "I want to sell at least 14 of these, and if I can't sell 14 then nobody gets any", which seems pretty arbitrary.

i hope thats not what it seems like i am saying.  i simply need help to fund the PCB run and parts supply.  i dont have pockets deep enough to launch it without some help, and kickstarter seemed like a more interesting way than a bank loan.   

thanks for the feedback.  im certainly glad to answer questions, and while i appreciate that the project is not for everyone, i hope that it will find an audience and help folks in their musical endeavors.  since music is so subjective, it follows that musical tools will also have their own merits and foibles.  its probably some of those traits that attract us to making music with gameboys in the first place.

best wishes
seth nemec
bananalogue/works, ltd.

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