I downloaded your albums a while ago, I like them smile


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Gala wrote:

I'm planning to realease another nanoloop-flavoured album in 2019, I hope you'll enjoy it.

Good to hear smile

Really good heart

Thank you Jellica, I like Zan-zan-zawa-veia a lot and have a few of his albums, and yours too:) I will listen to the projects you posted that I did not know heart

Edit: I found it, ty.

Anyone knows if this artist has more releases? or under a different name/project?

Great! Looking fwd to that

I like your two releases, so gooooood.

It is Really good. Been meaning to write this post for a few days. And awesome that you can get it with pay what you want. Ty.


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Good stuff.

This is Good stuff, ty.


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This is really good, thank you.

Downloaded and part of my collection now.

Downloading, good work, thanks!


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I like it. Good session!


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Great Piexies cover! Haven´t heard the rest of the album. But good start!