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that was quick!

One of the buyers backed out so one of them still availabe.



Fastest response thru maggan (aa) wang-electronics com

Dunno what they are worth but I am not using any of them. Hmu with a price suggest.

Edit: bought

As the topic suggest. Please let me know what you have.
maggan[aaa] (replace the a's with @ wink

Ah, forgot this is a purist forum. Switched to here from 8bc ages ago and that was more liberal (I guess).

But thanks for the youtube-videos!

Edit: My title stated "chiptune" I see now.


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I like this! Weird enough for me... smile

This question is taken from a swedish music forum but I think that you here might be better fit to answer it.

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Listened the other day to koyaanisquatsi and reminded me of a song with a group that I can't remember the name of. However, I remember that the main theme of "vessels" was used in one of the songs but I am not 100% sure that it was a sampling.

Guessing that this may be something that was released in 2000-2010. The music is a bit reminiscent of slagsmålsklubben / pluxus and similar. However, it is quite a high tempo and a slightly harder distortion on the songs. More minor than major.

Have checked whosampled without success.

kirre777 wrote:

First 30 seconds looped through the whole song

Original thread in swedish is here: … 99815&


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I might have. But the quality of those shells where really lousy. I think that there is a plastic piece missing from it and the screws where not really fitting and got loosen up all the time.


BIT BRUS – Chip & Noise-festival på Röda Sten konsthall den 24 mars 2012 - 13:00 till 22:00

Under en heldag intar BIT BRUS Röda Sten konsthall och dina trumhinnor.
Med sju liveakter som bjuder på det bästa från två världar, workshops samt VJ/DJ, är BIT BRUS en fantastisk upplevelse för inbitna såväl som nyfikna.

Fri entré för alla åldrar!
Arrangemanget är alkohol- och drogfritt.

* * *

Mer info: … amp;id=387

* * *


13:00 NLA

13:30 Bubo Bubo & Moloken

14:00 Workshops och "prova på"
Siren- och kontaktmikrofonbygge.

16:30 Tryggve Lund

18:00 Goto80 + Raquel Meyers

19:00 Koeff

20:00 Keff

21:00 Sima

* * *


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We are putting up a festival in late march with local noise and chip artists and would like to ask for your permission to run some of your videos in the background when there are no artists playing. Or if you want to send us something special you want us show. We are hoping it is going to be a 1 hour "broadcast" and your feature could be anything between from a few seconds up to at least 4-5 minuter. Please let us know if you want to participate and wich videos we can use.


Answer to: [email protected]


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Step2 - Download YY-CHR - -

My panda anti-virus says that that is a trojan.

I tried this one instead and it doesnt complain. Is it good enough?