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frantic wrote:

Another option could be to move the wiki to some other server, in case someone happens to have access to a server where the wiki could be hosted.

Any reactions?

Maybe you could put the wiki on github


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https://twitter.com/4mat_scenemusic/sta … 6228816899

Maybe 4mat knows how to set it up


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Hello guys! Long time no see. I have a quick question. Im currently selling my C64 and wanted to know if its possible now to sync 2 instances of defmon in VICE?


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Hey, I just wanted to add that the tracker works on picodrive available on the chinese linux handhelds


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do you have a formula to calculate the bpm tempo?


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Its great to see a native tracker for the Genesis! I will keep my fingers crossed for this one smile

nickmaynard wrote:

eagerly awaiting a mac version!

same smile


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Hey guys, Im really happy that you are interested in the project. Unfortunately I decided to make another hardware revision and Im not sure if I will be able to finish it this year. Also keep in mind that the prices of CEM3396 have jumped from 10$ (when I bought mine) to 30$. So I hope you have some spare CEM3396 laying around

scannerboy wrote:

support for OPL3 would be awesome smile

Allow the four extra OPL3 waveforms to be used (untested)

Finally smile


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Hey! Im working on a USB MIDI module based on the CEM3396 chip known from the Oberheim Matrix-6 and Matrix-1000 synths. Maybe someone would be interested in a project like this smile Im using a teensy 3.2 and Im going to publish the sources once Im finished.



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Thats interesting. I modded 3 units with this cap and had no issues


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Do I understand you correctly that the console stopped working after adding the capacitor?


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ScanianWolf wrote:

I've read somewhere here on the forums that points R30 and R31 are supposed to be pre-pot that one should solder to for a prosound mod..  Yours and Joes pictures seem more legit!

R30 and R31 are basically the same points but on the other side of the PCB. Its just a matter of convenience


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Also I use a super easy version of the prosound. You just remove 2 components to disconnect the amp from the output jack, and then you solder 2 wires to connect the cpu pins to the output.

If you dont like the prosound you just have to remove the wires and bridge the 2 components that you have removed.



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ScanianWolf wrote:

That capacitor in conjunction with a prosound mod I assume?

The effects are pretty audible without bypassing the amp

ScanianWolf wrote:

Would a 10Volts 1000uf capacitor do the trick or could I go even lower in voltage to avoid having a cap that's too big for the case ?

6.3V is enough

PS: I checked the polarity - left side is positive, right is negative