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Just tried, the delay works big_smile thanks again, also for arduinoboy and mGB smile


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Thanks for the answer smile I don't really get, what you're describing with your easiest first step (the whole thing should generate the MIDi data in the arduino without the need of a PC), but I guess I were just going too fast when I expected to be too slow. Guess I should do a little math now smile

Nice, thanks smile

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I did not find this mentioned yet, so I thought I'd just post it:

If a username has only digits in it (like mine, or 57, guess that's all at the moment), their profile page can't be shown, but instead it goes to an error page or another users page (interpreting the name as user ID I guess).

Maybe someone could tell me my user ID to set my avatar? smile


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no one? :-(



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Hi there,

I tried to bring this to the arduinoboy group and to trash80 directly, as well as on 8bc, but still no luck with an answer, maybe I get one here? smile

I'm trying to build an arduino-based hardware controller for mGB, but I'm getting quite random results when sending MIDI data with the sendByteToGameboy(byte send_byte) function from arduinoboy. As far as I understand from the code, the MIDI command is sent bitwise, and each bit goes along with two clock signals, one 0, one 1.

What I'm wondering right now is whether that's all it takes to control mGB (and therefore I just don't quite get MIDI) or if the transmission must also be at a specific baud rate (like the 31250bps for MIDI). If the baud rate matters, I guess I could use the serial out of the arduino to send the data to the DMGs serial in, but I'm puzzled how to send the clock signal at the same time. I guess I could also just send MIDI date through serial out to an arduinoboy, but I'd prefer to keep ist simple and direct between the controller and mGB.